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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2243

112151. Fertiliser plants get their N2 requirements

112152. The inaugural World Test Cricket Championship will take place in 2017 in -

112153. If a variable is a pointer to a structure, then which of the following operator is used to access data members of the structure through the pointer variable?

112154. The spectrum has

112155. The name of American inventor who is known as 'father of refrigeration' is

112156. Antiepileptic which is not associated with congenital malformation when used in pregnant woman is:

112157. In the recently hyped meeting held in Singapore IMF has raised the voting power of 4 middle income countries and there names are as follows: I China II Maxico III S.Korea IV Turky

112158. These are accurately drawn maps of cities and towns showing property lines and other features that control property ownership:

112159. आपत्ती व्यवस्थापन प्रणालीतील पहिली पायरी कोणती.

112160. 2012 चे शांततेसाठीचे नोबेल पारितोषिक कोणाला जाहीर झाले आहे ?

112161. When a bill passed by Parliament is sent to the President for his assent, which option is not true to him ?

112162. Blood plasma carries carbon dioxide in the form of bicarbonate ions to

112163. In databases, Locking level is also called as

112164. When was Wallis Warfield born?

112165. True about pitryiasis alba -

112166. Liquid crystals in electrical circuits can be used to determine

112167. The cardiac movements during normal labour occur in following order ?

112168. Which two of the following are true regarding the distance-vector and link-state routing protocols? 1. Link state sends its complete routing table out all active interfaces on periodic time intervals. 2. Distance vector sends its complete routi

112169. गीताई' ही भगवदगीतेवरील समक्ष्लोकी टीका ------यांनी रचली .

112170. Which river flows between the satpuras and the Vindhyas?

112171. 12 men can do a piece of work in 16 days. After six days three more men join them. Then in how many days will the remaining work be finished?( ADP COMPANY)

112172. The membrane potential of a non-conducting or resting neuron is

112173. Which of the folowing are valid float values?

112174. The average concentration of oxygen in the boundary layers surrounding the bubbles (Co*) in a reactor is normally determined by

112175. Anti-double stranded DNA is highly specific for -

112176. The interest on Rs. 750 for 2 years is the same as the true discount on Rs. 960 due 2 years hence. If the rate of interest is the same in both cases, it is:

112177. The first unmanned mission to the Moon was launched by the

112178. A 19 yrs old boy fell from the motor bike on his shoulder.The doctor diagnosed him a case of Erbs paralysis.The following signs and symptoms will be observed except:

112179. संसदेच्या विश्रांतीकाळामध्ये .............ना अध्यादेश (वटहुकूम ) काढण्याचा अधिकार आहे .

112180. An otherwise healthy young man presented with sudden onset of breathless, which was increasing rapidly.On examinations it was fond that the left chest movement was grossly restricted breath sounds were absent and chest was tympanic on percussion.The most likely disease is -

112181. What is the most restrictive access modifier that will allow members of one class to have access to members of another class in the same package?

112182. Rajya Sabha is less powerful than Lok Sabha in terms of its financial powers because?

112183. Amino acids which are not made by enzymes in our body are called

112184. .... हे जायकवाडी येथील बहुउद्देशीय प्रकल्पाच्या जलाशयाचे नाव आहे.

112185. मुगल-मेवाड. सन्धि कब हुई थी?

112186. विधान १)पोलीस पातळस शेती किंवा इतर व्यवसाय करता येतो. विधान २)परंतु, पोलीस पाटील म्हणून असलेल्या त्याच्या कर्तव्यात यामुळे अडथळा येतो कामा नये.

112187. बंगळूर येथील श्रीराम सेवा मंडळी ट्रस्टतर्फे देण्यात येणारा 'एस. व्ही. नारायणस्वामी राम स्मृती' राष्ट्रीय पुरस्कार कोणाला प्रदान करण्यात आला

112188. Which of the following is the preferred way to recover a database after a system failure?

112189. True regarding kala azar:

112190. खालीलपैकी कोणते खरे फळ आहे?

112191. In the product life cycle maturity stage, the marketing objective is to

112192. Pain sensitive structure in brain is -

112193. Which of the following correctly shows the hierarchy of arithmetic operations in C?

112194. Features of abdominal tuberculosis include the following except for -

112195. A merely household organization may be influenced by exchange rate variations if it faces at slightest some

112196. ઇન્ડીયન પીનલ કોડમાં આત્મહત્યાના દુષ્પ્રેરણ માટે વધારામાં વધારે કેટલી સજાની જોગવાઇ છે?

112197. The test(s) used for the assay of cholera toxin is/are

112198. Which of the following ambassadors of Queen Elizabeth visited Akbar’s court to obtain a Firman for trade in Gujarat ?

112199. High carbon steel contains more than __________ percent carbon.

112200. Which of the following soils is favourable for cotton cultivation?

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