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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2240

112001. ચુંટણીપંચના અધ્યક્ષની નિમણુંક કોણ કરે છે ?

112002. Synthetic rubbers are made by polymerisation of 1.Chloroprene 2.Styrene butadiene mixture 3.Isobutylene Select the correct answer using the above codes:

112003. Dendritic ulcer is produced by -

112004. Cancer management in which of the following malignancies has dramatically increased the survival ?

112005. The key feature in vernalisation is

112006.  ' ससेमिरा लावणे ' या वाक्प्रचाराचा योग्य अर्थ द्या.

112007. Optically inactive Amino Acid is

112008. Which of the following best defines Nyquist frequency?

112009. Which of the following is not a unit of time?

112010. Sterilization and disinfection of blood spills is done by ?

112011. What was Sinclair Lewis’ full name?

112012. The questions in questionnaire that allow respondents to express their own words are called

112013. The price of an outstanding bond decreases when the market rate

112014. Difference between antemortem wounds and postmortem wounds, in favour of AM wounds is/are -

112015. நியூக்ளியாயின் முக்கிய பங்கு பொருட்கள்?

112016. The decision making step which consists of organization goals, predicting alternatives and communicating goals is classified as

112017. Enzymes can

112018. MCQ The objectives of International Fund for Agricultural Organization includes

112019. In FT-NMR, how are nuclei excited?

112020. Amorphous solids have very few orderly arrangements which are called

112021. Which religion gained greatest prominence during the Gupta period?

112022. House maids knee is bursitis of -

112023. A 52 year old lady presents with constant leakage of urine and dysuria two weeks after a complicated total abdominal hysterectomy.A diagnosis of Vesicovaginal fistula is suspected.The most important test for the diagnosis is:

112024. Crude oil is transported inland from oil field to refineries, mainly by the

112025. Consider that n elements are to be sorted. What is the worst case time complexity of Bubblesort?

112026. கீழ்வருவனவற்றுள் எது ரிகர் மார்ட்டிஸ் நிலை ஏற்படக் காரணமாக உள்ளது?

112027. ATP stands for -

112028. 1986 च्या राष्ट्रीय शैक्षणिक धोरणानुसार शालेय शिक्षण किती वर्षाचे आहे ?

112029. पाकीजा फिल्म प्रदेश के किस प्रसिध्द निर्माता-निर्देशक द्वारा बनाई गई थी ?

112030. १९९२ साली झालेली वसुंधरा परिषद ब्राझील देशातील .... येथे पार पडलि .

112031. Protectionism in the international trade stands for

112032. Proofreading activity to maintain the fidelity of DNA synthesis

112033. Which type of plasmid can exist with or without being integrated into the host\'s chromosome?

112034. गोपाळ हरी देशमुख यांचे टोपण नाव कोणते ?

112035. உலகில் சுதந்திரம் பெற்ற நாடுகள் எத்தனை?

112036. For increased speed of response of an expansion pressure spring thermometer, the thermometer bulb should have a

112037. World’s largest Diamond Bourse was recently inaugurated in—

112038. Aortic hiatus contains

112039. Which of the following(s) bacteria belong to the family Entero-bacteriaceae?

112040. ICDS does not cover:

112041. Verotoxin 1 of Escherichia coli is similar to

112042. At which university did Philipp Lenard teach in 1907-1931?

112043. The maximum energy, the x-ray photon can have is

112044. The most selective antibiotics are those that interfere with the synthesis of

112045. MCQ The telephone is invented in

112046. NADP is reduced to NADPH during

112047. ભૃગુ કચ્છ હાલમાં કયા નામથી ઓળખાય છે ?

112048. The highest officer under the Turkish / Khilji Rulers of the Delhi Sultanate was___ ?

112049. Nose opens at the uuper end of _____ through a pair of internal nostrils.

112050. உணவில் .................. காணப்படுவதால் தைராய்டு சுரப்பி பருத்து விடும்?

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