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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2218

110901. निर्मल भारत' यात्रेच्या ब्रँड अँबेसिडर म्हणून कोणाची नेमणूक करण्यात आली ?

110902. Business Intelligence (BI) reporting systems cannot do which of the following operations?

110903. Which university did Nikolaas Tinbergen attend?

110904. உமிழ் நீரில் காணப்படுபவை?

110905. The apex body for formulating plans and coordinating research work in agriculture and allied fields is?

110906. जगातील सर्वाधिक विद्यार्थी असलेली शाळा म्हणून कोणत्या शाळेची नोंद गिनीज बुक ऑफ रेकॉर्डसने केली आहे ?

110907. .. यांना महाराष्ट्रातील कीर्तनपरंपरेचे प्रवर्तक मानले जाते .

110908. Which time of the day is generally the hottest all over India?

110909. The most common cause of cystitis (after Escherichia coli) in healthy sexually active women is

110910. The atmospheric pressure at sea level is

110911. The measure of probability that product will not fail to perform the promised features is classified as

110912. Other factors held constant, the lesser project liquidity is because of

110913. Haemorrhagic mediastinitis is seen in -

110914. The treasury bonds are exposed to additional risks that includes

110915. Which one among the following covers the highest percentage of forest area in the world?

110916. Which of the following seen in psoriasis -

110917. Mr. Zhou Yong Kang was recently on a visit to India. Who is Mr. Zhou Yong Kang ?

110918. In electric machines, laminated cores are used with a view to reduce the

110919. A and B undertook to do a piece of work for Rs4500. A alone could do it in 8 days and B alone in 12 days. With the assistance of C they finished the work in 4 days. Then C’s share of the money is: (INFOTECH COMPANY)

110920. The Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that some of the best opportunities for employment in our near future will be for students who ________.

110921. By using fluted filter paper rate of filtration is

110922. Alpha1 Antitrysin deficiency is associated with all except -

110923. A nonsense mutation may result into

110924. दुस-या योजना काळात भारताचे कितवे औद्योगिक धोरण जाहीर झाले ?

110925. बीरबल का रंगमहल किस शहर के निकट हैं ?

110926. The analysis of how profit margin is optimized and the marketing cost on per unit sold is classified as

110927. All are true about meningococcal meningitis except -

110928. Considering the equinoxes and solstices, the sun shines in September on

110929. Which of the following statements are correct about a delegate? 1.Inheritance is a prerequisite for using delegates. 2.Delegates are type-safe. 3.Delegates provide wrappers for function pointers. 4.The declaration of a delegate must matc

110930. Insulin is produced in

110931. Charon vectors are different from EMBL vectors because

110932. The main objective of WTO is—

110933. Atomic model is

110934. An important aspect of the Cripps Mission of 1942 was

110935. The powerhouse of a cell is the:

110936. The color of spectrum of sodium is

110937. This is used in applications for nonferrous construction:

110938. दक्षिण भारतातील सर्वात मोठी पश्चिम वाहिनी नदी कोणती?

110939. एका खेड्यातील साक्षर व निरक्षर यांचे गुणोत्तर 3 : 2 आहे.जर निरक्षरांची संख्या 580 असेल तर साक्षरांची संख्या काढा.

110940. इन्फ्राट्रैपेन का निपेक्षण किसमें मिलता हैं ?

110941. समतोल प्रादेशिक विकासाच्या समस्यांचा आढावा घेण्यासाठी कोणाच्या अध्यक्षतेखाली राज्यशासनाने समिती नेमली आहे ?

110942. One out of three companies that raised funds via QIP route in the recent past have seen their stocks underperform the markets. Expand the term QIP.

110943. Charcot Leyden crystal in stool is seen in ?

110944. Ranson's critaria for prognosis in acute pancreatitis include A/E-

110945. The cell theory of Schleiden states that

110946. In the group of nations, India is presently having how much of the SDR (accordinf to the latest report at the Singapore meet)

110947. Cherry red colour of blood is seen in poisoning with -

110948. Fixed capital investment of a chemical plant is the total amount of money needed to supply the necessary plant and manufacturing facilities plus the working capital for operation of the facilities. Which of the following components of fixed capital

110949. MCQ The Indian Ocean is surrounded on the south by

110950. Which one of the following has launched guidebook on standards fir exporters?

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