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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 220

11001. How many 3-line-to-8-line decoders are required for a 1-of-32 decoder?

11002. If S be an infinite set and be sets such that S1 ∪ S2 ∪ .....∪ SN = S, then

11003. A refrigeration cycle is a reversed heat engine. Which of the following has the maximum value of the co-efficient of performance (COP) for a given refrigeration effect ?

11004. उत्तराखण्ड में नमक सुधार समिति की स्थापना किस वर्ष हुई?

11005. The primary purpose of an operating system is....

11006. Which among the following movements was not led by Mahatma Gandhi?

11007. What is the value of 111 % 13?

11008. The solubility of ionic compound which contain common ion is les than its solubility in

11009. Microsoft Office does not include -

11010. हरियाणा राज्य का गठन संविधान के किस संशोधन द्वारा हुआ ?

11011. Which of the following methods is best suited for determination of permeability of coarsegrained soils ?

11012. Which device(s) have almost ideal ON and OFF resistances?

11013. After reaction if excess ethanol is evaporated white solid crystals will be left of

11014. The term 'Isoneph' indicates the lines of equal

11015. The retention spending level and retention rate is influence of the dimension of customer lifetime value is classified as

11016. 36 week a female present with amenorhea with blurred vision and headache admission,mx of bp with antihypertensives and delivery at term

11017. Transistors are ________-terminal devices.

11018. रूस का मैनचेस्टर कहलाता है ?

11019. The first firm to mass-market a microcomputer as a personal computer was

11020. समुद्र झारखण्ड से कितनी दूरी पर हैं ?

11021. A 19 year aged girl presents with light brown pigmentation over the malar eminences;likely diagnosis is:

11022. The bread mold Rhizopus stolonifer belongs to which of the following fungal divisions?

11023. Medulla oblongata is supplied by the following arteries except -

11024. What pen name was used by Morris West for Moon in my pocket?

11025. Which of the following basal gangila nucleus is primarily

11026. Referring to Figure 7-7, what action takes place at point \"W\" on the timing diagram?

11027. Land of the Morning Calm' refer to

11028. Due to evaporation from certain surface, it's temperature

11029. Orbital metastasis is common in -

11030. மரபுப் பண்புகளின் வெளிப்பாட்டிற்கு காரணி?

11031. इतिहासकार बरनी लिखता है, "अंततः लोगों को उससे मुक्ति मिली और उसे लोगों से" किस शासक के बारे लिखा हैं ?

11032. जामिया मिलीया इस्लामिया या शैषणिक संस्थेचे संस्थापक कोण .

11033. छत्तीसगढ़ में शुष्क बंदरगाह की स्थापना कहाँ की जाएगी?

11034. Successive ionization energy helps us in

11035. इनमे से कौनसा राज्य ज्वाइंट कमेटी ऑफ इनर लाइन परमिट सिस्टम (JCILPS) के साथ एक समझौते पर तैयार हो गया है ?

11036. Innate immunity is stimulated by which part of bacteria ?

11037. MCQ The kind of metabolism in which cell reduce power to build complex molecules is classified as

11038. What is the substrate for the only physiologically irreversible reaction in the Kreb's Citric acid cycle -

11039. When did George Meredith write The Ordeal of Richard Feverel?

11040. Jeffersonians generally believed that

11041. The velocity required by an object to orbit around the earth is

11042. An electron of mass m kg and having a charge of e coulombs travels from rest through a potential difference of V volts. Its kinetic energy will be

11043. Spur gear design normally begins with selecting this:

11044. The chromosome of almost all bacteria is in the shape of

11045. Sentinel node biopsy-done in-

11046. The second capital of Gupta ruler Chandragupta II was -

11047. In order to test the presence of sulphates,

11048. किस जाति के लोगों की झोपडियॉ दूर से देखने में मधुमक्खी के छत्ते जैसी लगती है?

11049. (NRe . NSc) is termed in mass transfer operation as the __________ number.

11050. युक्तांडपी के उदाहरण है ?

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