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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 216

10801. Two matrices A and B are equal if

10802. MCQ The DNA replication and synthesis of RNA of eukaryotic cells occurred in

10803. The energy reserves are normally stored as

10804. Non-oliguric renal failure is commonly seen in -

10805. Most important species of vinegar bacteria causing sliminess is

10806. The sales of products in introductory stage are recorded by the company as

10807. Haemorrhagic infarct may be seen in:

10808. A farmer presents with pustules,which show Gram Positive Cocci on smear.Culture shows Beta hemolysis,and organisms are Catalase negative.To show that the identified organism is group A streptococci,which of the following test should be done?

10809. Synthetic seeds are

10810. The process of assigning the direct or indirect cost to any cost object is classified as

10811. Pick out the correct match:

10812. 25 yrs old man with 3 weeks fever presented with tricuspid valve vegetation. Most common cause is ? MC cause of Endocorditis in I.V. drug abuse -

10813. भाववाढ झाल्यास सर्वात जास्त फायदा.........ला होतो ?

10814. एक बार साँस अन्दर लेने मे सामान्य वयस्क लगभग कितनी हवा अन्दर ले जाता है ?

10815. The following protein defects can cause hereditiary spherocytosis except:

10816. Immediately prior to change in the measure of Food Inflation, which of the following indexes was being used for measuring it ?

10817. The business buyers convert all the benefits and costs into

10818. छोटा नागपूर खास का पहला नागवंशी शासक कौन था, जिसने राय के स्थान पर कर्ण की उपाधी धारण की ?

10819. கோவில்கள் நகரம் எனப்படுவது எந்த நகரம்?

10820. तेलशोधक कारखाना प्रदेश के किस नगर में स्थित है ?

10821. 30 year old primipara in labour with transverse lie. Treatment of choice is -

10822. Cholesteryl benzoate is milky liquid at

10823. All are true about short bowel syndrome except -

10824. MCQ The central black hole of galaxy Milky Way having mass of four million times than that of sun is known as

10825. Assimilatory sulfate reduction involves the nucleotide __________ during the incorporation of H2S in the production of __________ .

10826. A molecule that can be covalently linked to a non-immunogenic antigen to make it an immunogen is called a (n)

10827. जागतिक व्यापार संघटनेचे सर्वात अलीकडील म्हणजे 153 वे सदस्य राष्ट्र कोणते ?

10828. Which scientist discovered that an electric current affects a magnetic compass?

10829. L-Dopa is combined with Carbidopa in the treatment of parkinsonism to:

10830. For the common-emitter fixed-bias configuration, there is a ________ phase shift between the input and output signals.

10831. இந்தியாவின் கடைசி கவர்னர் ஜெனரலாக இருந்தவர்?

10832. छत्तीसगढ़ की औसत जलवायु क्या है?

10833. અનુસૂચિત જાતિ/અનુસૂચિત જનજાતિ (અત્યાચાર નિવારણ) ધારા હેઠળના ગુનાની તપાસ માટે નિમાયેલઅધિકારી તપાસનો અહેવાલ કોને મોકલી આપશે ?

10834. प्राथना समाजाच्या सभासदांसाठी------- उणी ' उपासना ' हे साप्ताहिक चालविले ?

10835. He ran as if he _________ mad.

10836. The defective migration of neural crest cells results in -

10837. किस समूह की चट्टानें सोन घाटी क्षेत्र में मिलती हैं ?

10838. An interrupt for which hardware automatically transfers the program to a specificmemory location is known as

10839. Giant ionic structures is also name given to

10840. The output of a logic gate is 1 when all its inputs are at logic 0. the gate is either

10841. First January, 1981 was Sunday. What day of the week was 1st Jan 1980?

10842. The Enterprise tier of the three-tiered database architecture includes:

10843. When was Michael Crichton born?

10844. The major categories of raw materials includes

10845. The hormones of human body are transported to target sites via

10846. रोगीः अस्पतालः: कारः?

10847. In Peripheral nervous system, brain gives off

10848. The new Chief of Antrix Corporation Limited is--

10849. The atomic number of an element is equal to the number of

10850. Tissue fluid does not contain

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