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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2133

106651. Today the size of a living world is

106652. Which of the following did the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan have in common?

106653. അശോകനെ മഹാനായ രാജാവ് എന്നു വിശേഷിപ്പിച്ച ചരിത്രകാരന്‍ ആര് ? [Ashokane mahaanaaya raajaavu ennu visheshippiccha charithrakaaran‍ aaru ? ]

106654. प्रदेश का मुरादाबाद नगर किस उद्योग के लिए प्रसिध्द है ?

106655. Out of the following gas-liquid contacting devices, for a given set of operating conditions, gas pressure drop is the least in __________ tower.

106656. At Lucknow the revolt of 1857 broke out on —

106657. What number should come next in the series, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, ?

106658. Sarcoplasm of the skeletal muscles fiber is composed of

106659. Where did William Bradford Shockley die?

106660. Least chances of cord prolapse are seen in ?

106661. Urea cycle converts

106662. താഴെ പറയുന്നവയില്‍ സകര്‍മകക്രിയ അല്ലാത്തത് [Thaazhe parayunnavayil‍ sakar‍makakriya allaatthathu ]

106663. सार्कची स्थापना कधी झाली ?

106664. Clue cells are seen in ?

106665. All of the following agents decreases bone resorption in osteoporosis,except

106666. இந்திய ரிசர்வ் வங்கி _______ வருடம் துவங்கப்பட்டது

106667. A power transformer is a constant

106668. भारताच्या सर न्यायाधीशांची नेमणूक __________ करतात.

106669. इंडियन लिगची स्‍थापना कोणी केली.

106670. The haemotapoiesis in children occurs in the long bones that are

106671. விண்வெளிக்கு சென்ற முதல் இந்திய வம்சாவளிப் பெண்?

106672. உலகிலேயே அதிக முட்டையிடும் உயிரினம் எது?

106673. रेनगन हे कोणत्या प्रकारच्या ओलीत पध्दतीचे दूसरे स्वरुप आहे

106674. About this much of the United State's land area is used for crop production?

106675. The number of moles in 1.6 kg of oxygen is

106676. The commonest bacterial cause of cervicofacial actinomycosis is

106677. Who was the first winner of Dada Saheb Phalke Award?

106678. Which of the following can be declared as a virtual in a class? 1.Methods 2.Properties 3.Events 4.Fields 5.Static fields

106679. In which of the following no information hiding is done ?

106680. Amount of water in blood is increased due to

106681. Ideal contraceptive for lactating mothers is-

106682. sin12α =

106683. Miss World – 2012?

106684. Atomic mass is mass of carbon taken as

106685. தண்டி யாத்திரை நடந்த ஆண்டு?

106686. Pancreatic insufficiency is best diagnosed by -

106687. Morley-Minto Reforms Bill was passed in

106688. Which one of the following is the example of sedimentary rocks?

106689. "भारत के जल मैन(Water Man of India)" के रूप में किसे जाना जाता है ?

106690. योग्य शब्दसमूह निवडा.

106691. क्रोमोटीन मे डी एन ए तथा कुछ क्षारीय प्रोटीन मिलता है इसे क्या कहते है ?

106692. युनिसेफचे मुख्यालय _______येथे आहे

106693. The stock market theory which states that stocks are in equilibrium and impossible for investors to beat the market is classified as

106694. उत्तर प्रदेश में बॉंस रोपण एवं वन सुधार योजना कब चालू हुई ?

106695. Involution of the uterus is completed by

106696. "अंग्रेज भारत से गए पर अंग्रेजियन छोड़ गए" यह बात जिस संदर्भ में कही हाती हैं, वह हैंः

106697. Wallerian degeneration is seen in -

106698. Regarding NK cells,false statement is:

106699. Hematopoiesis first starts in ?

106700. Which is not a Macrophage -

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