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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2121

106051. Most common age for depression is:

106052. Which command is used to upgrade an IOS on a Cisco router?

106053. Neutral atmosphere is maintained in a/an __________ furnace.

106054. Fish die as a result of water pollution due to

106055. Which university did Melvin Schwartz attend?

106056. भारत की सबसे ऊंची मीनार किस शहर में स्थित हैं ?

106057. सहारा प्रदेश मे मिलने वाला 'रेंग' किस तरह की आकृति का धोतक है?

106058. राजस्थान से संलग्न राज्यों के निम्न जिलों में से कौन सा जिला राजस्थान को छूता नहीं है?

106059. The replication of chromosomes by eukaryotes occurs in a relatively short period of time because

106060. Pacemaker regulating the rate of respiration:

106061. வெள்ளை பூண்டின் உயிரியல் பெயர்?

106062. The types of vertical marketing system are

106063. Four Different candles, which can last for 5 hours, 4 hours, 3 hours and 2 hours of burning, respectively, are lit in a room at the same instant and allowed to burn till such time that the three candles in the room get extinguished. The cost of burning each one of these candles is 75 paise per hour. The cost involved is:

106064. ईस्ट इंडिया कंपनीचा भारतातील व्यापाराचा एकाधिकार कोणत्या काय्धानुसार रद्द झाला ?

106065. उत्तर प्रदेश में शीत ऋतु में तापमान किस ओर से किस ओर पड़ता हैं ?

106066. न्यूज ब्रॉडकास्टींग स्टँडर्ड अथॉरिटी ( Broadcasting Standard Authority - WBSA ) च्या अध्यक्षपदी अलीकडेच कोणाची नियुक्ती करण्यात आली?

106067. The pricing issues across channel levels includes

106068. 26 yrs old female suffers from PPH on her second postnatal day.Her APTT and PTT are prolonged while.BT,PT and platelet count are normal.Likely diagnosis is-

106069. Membrane potential and the proton gradient

106070. If the factory has four machines, machines will be completely depreciated in next year and the chances of failure of all machines respectively are 0.24, 0.45, 0.35, 0.38 then the probability of failure of all machines before next year is

106071. What was James Garner’s role in the TV serial Maverick?

106072. जर “दक्षिण” दिशा “आग्नेय” झाली, तर “नैऋत्य” दिशेस कोणती दिशा येईल ?

106073. उत्तराखण्ड राज्य में क्षेत्रफल की दृष्टि से सबसे बड़ा जिला कौन-सा है ?

106074. दिल्ली के सचिवालय का डिजाइन किसने बनाया था ?

106075. How to remove the unwanted action from recorded macro without recording the whole macro again?

106076. Which of the following books was written by Daniel Defoe?

106077. Which is the starting point of Boston Marathon?

106078. Which of the following is correct for CD8 T cells?

106079. Which of the following is not an ale type of beer?

106080. The change in the state of matter from gas to liquid is termed as

106081. Protein folding is

106082. निम्नलिखित में से किसे प्रिंस ऑफ छोटानागपूर स्टेज कहा जाता है ?

106083. Herpes progenitalis is caused by:

106084. The stream of water up the plant is called as

106085. What are the four things needed to connect to the Internet?

106086. When an object is tilted slightly and it topples over, the state is termed

106087. MCQ The Galileo was born in

106088. सर्वाधिक व्यापक तौर पर इस्तेमाल होने वाला यौगिक कौन -सा है ?

106089. Total fluid secreted through gastrointestinal tract is:

106090. ரப்பர் எந்த மாநிலத்தின் முக்கிய பணப்பயிராக பயிரிடப்படுகிறது?

106091. According to collision theory they reaction speed up when a frequency of reaction

106092. Magnesium oxide is formed through

106093. Which one of the following states as having the highest Human Development index in the year 2001?

106094. What VHDL techniques are used to describe a priority encoder?

106095. Which of the following capacitors is polarized?

106096. All the directed efforts to achieve certain results is classified as

106097. 73वें संविधान संशोधन ने संवैधानिक अनुमोदन का प्रावधान किया हैं | निम्न में से सही कथन हैं ?

106098. The Supreme Court has interpreted constitutional right to education as

106099. Sylvatic plague occurs in

106100. जिल्हा परिषदेच्या अर्थ समितीचे सचिव कोण असतात ?

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