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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2093

104651. 2011 की जनगणनुसार जनसंख्या की दृष्टि से राज्यों व केन्द्र शासित प्रदेशों में दिल्ली का कौन-सा स्थान है ?

104652. All of the following are true about Raynaud's disease except:

104653. The library function used to find the last occurrence of a character in a string is

104654. Which of the following teams won the Ranji Trophy cricket championship for the first time

104655. वित्तीय क्षेत्रात सुधारणा सुचविण्यासाठी १९९१ मध्ये ..........स्थापन केली गेली .

104656. A NOR gate with one HIGH input and one LOW input:

104657. In DNA double helix, the two DNA chains are held together by

104658. Which one does not cause VII Nerve palsy -

104659. ஒரு தொகையின் ஆண்டு தனிவட்டி 4 %, 3 ஆண்டுகளில் தனிவட்டி ரூ. 1200/- எனில், அசல் தொகை?

104660. What do you mean by dialog box?

104661. if the bonds are used as an investment vehicle by the investors of institutions then the bond must be

104662. If starvation exceeds 7 days,the major nutritional supply of the brain comes from

104663. An organism has an optimal growth rate when the hydrogen ion concentration is very high. This organism is

104664. The ice masses that are constrained by topographical features are classified as

104665. Let A = {x: x is a digit in the number 3591}, B = {x: x ? N, x<10}. Which of thefollowing is false?

104666. Pseudomembraneous colitis is

104667. The ability of the component cells of callus to form a whole plant is known as

104668. Treatment of lepra reaction include

104669. One micro farad of capacitance is equal to the

104670. For an electron the magnitude of force on it is

104671. Dorsal aorta does not

104672. The best possible intervention for acute myocardial infarction is -

104673. प्रथ्वी को कौन से परत सूर्य की `अल्ट्रा वॉयलट` किरणों से बचाती है ?

104674. When did Martin Van Buren die?

104675. If the diameter of a circle is increased by 100%, its area is increased by

104676. छोटा नागपूर उन्नति समाज (1915 ई.8 के संस्थापक थे -

104677. Which is the longest river of the Peninsular India?

104678. The unsecured bond that provides no lien against property as security for the bond obligation is classified as

104679. इनमे में से किसे "मास्टर दीनानाथ अवार्ड" 2015 से सम्मानित किया गया है?

104680. Fining a wine is defined as

104681. Avalanche breakdown results basically due to

104682. काजू संशोधन केंद्र ________________ येथे आहे.

104683. The tube to discover electrons is fitted with

104684. Three varieties of rice produced in - Pokkali, Navara and Palakkadan Matta-were registered as Geographical Indications (GI) in December 2009.

104685. A patient presented with unilateral proptosis which was compressible and increase on bending forward.No thrill or bruit was present.MRI shows a retroorbital mass with enhancement.The likely diagnosis is -

104686. Who introduced Permanent Settlement?

104687. कलकत्ता युवा शिक्षण संस्थेच्या कार्याचा भार खालीलपैकी कोणी उचलला?

104688. What approximate value should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following question? 6523 ÷ 544 X 1.2 = ?

104689. With which of the following fields is Ben Kingsley associated?

104690. Which agricultural scientist has won the Magsaysay Award?

104691. When comparing the conversions from digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital, the A/D conversion is generally:

104692. Which will contain the body of the thread?

104693. Which of the following genes can be used for making resistances against viral infection?

104694. The force of muscle contraction can be increased by all of the following except:

104695. The Mahavir belonged to the clan -

104696. निम्न मे से किस स्थान पर रॉगे का उत्पादन नही होता है ?

104697. When was Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam President of India?

104698. Recombinant adeno virus can be created by deleting E1A/E 1B genes that are

104699. વિશ્વમાં સૌથી મોટો ખંડ કયો છે ?

104700. All are relatively normal in korsakoff's psychosis except -

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