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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2071

103551. Joseph McCarthy’s political influence waned after

103552. भारतात घटनात्मकरित्या किती भाषांना मान्यता देण्यात आली आहे ?

103553. The flowers of grass

103554. Photochromogenic strain of Mycobacterium species is

103555. Antibodies may be transmitted from mother to fetus in A/E

103556. Least risk of Ca breast is seen -

103557. The main difference between a DFSA and an NDFSA is

103558. उत्तर प्रदेश राज्य का जनसंख्या घनत्व कितना हैं ?

103559. Coefficient of thermal expansion is a property which is

103560. The basis of European Union began with the signing of -

103561. A rectangular park 60 m long and 40 m wide has two concrete crossroads running in the middle of the park and rest of the park has been used as a lawn. If the area of the lawn is 2109 sq. m, then what is the width of the road?

103562. What valuable territory lay to the north of Korea's Yalu river?

103563. After doing graft repair of a thoracoabdominal aneurysm, the patient developed weakness in both legs.Most probable cause for this is -

103564. Where was Jane Grey born?

103565. True about sickle cell disease except:

103566. What is the term used for a segment of DNA with one or more genes in the centre and the two ends carrying inverted repeat sequences of nucleotides?

103567. बिहार में तुर्क शासन का युग शुरु कब हुआ था ?

103568. Which amongst the following countries has the largest number of people of Indian origin?

103569. During fermentation, pyruvic acid is converted into organic products such as

103570. Knowledge-based system is an example of.

103571. ஒளிச்செயல் பசுங்கணிகத்தில் எப்பகுதியில் நடைபெறும்?

103572. What fuel can be produced by fermenting sugar cane, sawdust, corn, or wood chips?

103573. Energy balance refers to the

103574. The view camera:

103575. How do you get an ideal scar ?

103576. All are seronegative(spondyloepiphyseal)arthritis with ocular manifestations,except-

103577. जन्मदर म्हणजे एका वर्षातील दर .........व्यक्तीमागील जन्माचे प्रमाण होय .

103578. The buffers present in blood include

103579. Misuse of antibiotic streptomycin can cause

103580. Auxin inhibits the growth of

103581. Which of the following is an essential part of a motor meter ?

103582. Tall talk

103583. महाराष्ट्र राज्याचे विद्यमान पोलीस महासंचालक _________________हे आहेत .

103584. Polyprotic acids such as H3PO4, can act as acid-base buffers

103585. राज. वित्त निगम की स्थापना कब हुई?

103586. In a study in UK, an association was found between sale of antiarrythmic drug and an increase in deaths due to asthma.This is an example of -

103587. निम्नलिखित मे से कौनसी एक ठंडी जलधारा है?

103588. In chronic arsenic poisoning the following samples can be sent for laboratory examination,except:

103589. Convert BCD 0001 0111 to binary.

103590. The double declining balance method and sum of years digits are included in

103591. விண்வெளிக்கலங்களில் ஆக்சிஜன் தேவையை சரிசெய்யும் ஒரு செல் பாசி?

103592. देशाच्या औद्योगिकिकरणासंदर्भात कोणत्या वर्षी 'औद्योगिक आयोग ' नेमला होता ?

103593. The lining of the proximal convoluted tubule is made up of

103594. 15:19 के अनुपात की दोनों संख्याओ में से कौनसी संख्या घटाई जाये कि यह अनुपात 3:4 हो जाए ?

103595. A microbe, which grows at temperatures above 95° C is most likely to be

103596. Lone pairs in CO2 are

103597. सार्वोदय समाजाची स्थापना ...यांनी केली .

103598. Petrolatum is

103599. When was Edward VII crowned king of UK?

103600. सबसे प्रथम "भूमि विकास बैंक" की स्थापना कहॉं हुई थी ?

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