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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1989

99451. Denitrification may be distinguished as

99452. Maximum stability of white phosphorous is at

99453. भारतातील पहिली विकेंद्रीकृत योजना 'जवाहर रोजगार योजना ' ________योजनेदरम्यान सुरु करण्यात आली .

99454. An alcohol-in-glass thermometer has l100 25 cm and l0 is 7 cm. If the lθ is 16 cm the temperature of the thermometer would be

99455. पहिले इंग्रज-मराठे युध्द केव्हा झाले ?

99456. Greyish white membrane in throat may be seen in all of the following infections except:

99457. Which among the following treaties provided for a common currency for the member countries of European Community?

99458. यदि एक व्यक्ति पैदल चलकर 20 किमी. की दूरी 5 किमी. / घंटा की गति से तय करता है तो वह 40 मिनट देरी से पहुंचता है | यदि वह 8 किमी./ घंटा की गति से चले तो वह समय से कितनी जल्दी पहुंच जायेगा ?

99459. पंचायती राज व्यवस्था में न्याय पंचायत राज्य में छोड़कर देने कारावास की कोई शक्ति है ?

99460. भारत के किस राज्य मे राज्यपाल शासन लागू करने का संवैधानिक प्रावधान है ?

99461. இயற்கையில் கிடைக்கும் போராக்ஸ் கனிமம்?

99462. 26 फेब्रुवारी 2013 रोजी कॉंग्रेसच्या रेल्वेमंत्र्यांनी देशाचा रेल्वे अर्थसंकल्प संसदेत सादर केला. असे करणारे ते गेल्या 17 वर्षातील पहिलेच कॉंग्रेस मंत्री ठरले. हे मंत्री कोण?

99463. Most common cause of death in diphtheria is:

99464. Identical twins may not have -

99465. Consider the following script. What will the file myfile.txt contain at the end of its execution?

99466. The method used to compute average or central value of the collected data is considered as

99467. Intervertebral disc calcification is seen in all except:

99468. All are used in treatment of acute pancreatitis except -

99469. Which of the following is not an XT microprocessor?

99470. १९१४ च्या फिरोझपूर जिल्ह्यात खनिज लुटण्याप्रकरणी ... यांना फाशीची शिक्षा देण्यात आली .

99471. राजस्थान के प्रमुख तीरंदाज हैं?

99472. Which of the following impellers will provide radial flow?

99473. The primary winding of a power transformer should always be

99474. Pure nickel is

99475. किसी धन का 10% की दर से 2 वर्ष का सरल ब्याज 600 रू है तो बताओ उसी राशि का उसी दर से 2 वर्ष का चक्रवृध्दि ब्याज क्या होगा ?

99476. Who won the Commonwealth Writer' Prize on April 12, 2010?

99477. Which of the following is NOT a basic element of all versions of the E-R model?

99478. केंद्रीय आर्थिक संसाधनांची विभागणी करणेबाबत शिफारस कोण देते?

99479. To which party did Arthur James Balfour belong?

99480. If the kidney is completely lost and unable to eliminate nitrogenous waste it leads to

99481. Which state in India has the highest Infant Mortality rate in India in 2012?

99482. Diagnostic power of the test is reflected by:

99483. अप्रत्यक्ष करासाठी संहिता तयार करण्यासाठी खालीलपैकी कोणती समिती नेमण्यात आली होती ?

99484. Histone has post - translational by all/except -

99485. Which of the following is not true for prokaryotic organism?

99486. RBI has divested its 71.5% share in NABARD to the government which reduces RBI's holding in NABARD to-

99487. Peptone and polypeptides are yielded by the hydrolysis of

99488. विश्वभारती विधापिठाची संस्थापाक कोण ?

99489. This is a rounded exterior blend between surfaces:

99490. When was Clement Attlee Prime Minister of UK?

99491. ഒന്നാം പാനിപ്പട്ട് യുദ്ധം നടന്നത് ആരൊക്കെ തമ്മിലായിരുന്നു ? [Onnaam paanippattu yuddham nadannathu aarokke thammilaayirunnu ? ]

99492. Eclipses occur due to which optical phenomena?

99493. पुण्यात गोखले बागेत पहिला विधवा विवाह महात्मा फुले यांनी किती साली घडवून आणला .

99494. FEV1/VC ratio is decreased in all except -

99495. Transfection refers to which of the following?

99496. In terms of geographical area India occupies what position in the world?

99497. The measure of variation which is useful for highly skewed distribution is

99498. The process of trading goods over the Internet is known as -

99499. Yeast are most likely to grow in frozen fruits during

99500. There are numerous thread like filaments which are long, branched and tubular called as

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