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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1964

98201. Naphthenic acid is a/an __________ compound.

98202. Ultimate analysis of coal determines its __________ content.

98203. Want a PowerPoint photo album slide show to play continuously?

98204. When did Alfred Russell Wallace die?

98205. He said to me, " I had to finish this first."

98206. The types of performance information includes

98207. Which disease caused Jane Austen’s death?

98208. When a person has suspended himself by applying ligature around neck so that the point of suspension(knot) is situated in the region of the occiput. Such hanging is called -

98209. The rate at which a sum becomes four times of itself in 15 years at S.I., will be :

98210. What was the real name of the person who committed Brides in the Bath murders?

98211. What is the "Himalayan Yew"?

98212. The application of just in time (JIT) manufacturing techniques in biotechnology is important because

98213. The chamber process is

98214. குதுப்மினாரை கட்டி முடித்தவர்?

98215. Positive deviation from Raoult\'s law means a mixture whose total pressure is

98216. All are true about Delirium tremons except -

98217. Which of the following is an immunodiffusion test?

98218. Which state is to the north of West Virginia?

98219. Which of the following is not farming system on the basis of ownership and management classification?

98220. Why is a binary-weighted DAC usually limited to 4-bit binary conversion?

98221. Pain sensations from the ethmoidal sinus are carried by:

98222. A pulse waveform has a high time of 8 ms and a pulse width of 32 ms. The duty cycle is

98223. Which of the following are used as selection marker for the cells transformed with Agrobacterium?

98224. Acidophilus milk which is used for its therapeutic properties in intestinal disorders requires for its manufacture a pure culture of

98225. What is the full form of ‘IMF’ ?

98226. First sign of sexual maturation is a girl is -

98227. The background of any Word document -

98228. Pressure is exerted by gases due to their

98229. In general, the last muscle to be rendered akinetic with a retrobulbar anesthetic bloc is -

98230. Which Indian law describes dying declaration ?

98231. Under whom did Frank Lloyd Wright work in 1887-1893?

98232. Which of the following areas is (are) an application of infrared-emitting diodes?

98233. राज्य के कुल भौगोलिक क्षेत्र में से कितने प्रतिशत भाग पर सिंचाई की सुविधा उपलब्ध हैं ?

98234. देशातील सर्वात उंच धारण कोणते .

98235. The Sarcina sickness of beer, caused by Pedicoccus cerevisiae, is characterized by

98236. In oxygenic photosynthesis, water is split in order to provide the

98237. Gondwana beds are known for their -

98238. રાજ્યપાલને તેમની નિમણૂંકના શપથ કોણ લેવડાવે છે ?

98239. The following are included in the world programme ………….Title Bar, Ribbon, Status Bar, Views, Document workspace.

98240. In an insulator the valence band is

98241. What was the reason for marriage of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves?

98242. When was Abraham Lincoln born?

98243. In which of the following is a single-entity instance of one type related to many entity instances of another type?

98244. Cross - selling means -.

98245. खजुराहो मन्दिर किन राजाओं द्वारा निर्मित कराए गए ?

98246. DDT का उपयोग प्रमुख रुप से कौन-सी बीमारियो मे होता है ?

98247. Which of the following logic families has the shortest propagation delay?

98248. मध्यप्रदेश राज्य का सबसे बड़ा रेलवे जंक्शन हैं ?

98249. You have a need to use a device to trigger an SCR. A good one to use might be

98250. Which of the following event occurs during second phase of growth of P. chrysogenum?

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