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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1963

98151. What is the minimum number of 2 input NAND gates required to implement the functionF = (x\' y\') (z w)

98152. What do we call a computer program that organizes data in rows and columns of cells? You might use this type of program to keep a record of the money you earned moving lawns over the summer.

98153. Which of the following books was published by Theodore Roosevelt in 1885?

98154. Liquor poisoning generally occurs due to the presence of __________ in it.

98155. Most common organ involved in retroperitoneal fibrosis is -

98156. इब्राहिम खान का मकबरा कहाँ पर अवस्थित है ?

98157. The decrease in force of attraction is due to

98158. How did the Stamp Act differ from the Sugar Act?

98159. The original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India extends to

98160. ഒന്നാം പാനിപ്പറ്റ് യുദ്ധം എന്നായിരുന്നു? [Onnaam paanippattu yuddham ennaayirunnu? ]

98161. Synonym of DESPAIR

98162. The unit for permeability is

98163. In which one of the following States, population growth rate is lower than national average?

98164. Single phase motors generally get over heated due to

98165. इनमें से कौन दर्शनशास्त्र के मत का संस्थापक था ?

98166. Ginger and Sweet potato are

98167. Yellow Fever is transmitted by

98168. All are true about rifampicin except -

98169. Vitamin B12 is useful in the prevention and treatment of

98170. This car is belonging to me for two years.

98171. Where is Lothal situated?

98172. You have to find out whether an application foo uses the shared library libbar.so. You can do this by:

98173. A 55 year old diabetic patient presented with impotence with history of failure to get erection after papaverine intracavernous injection.Colour doppler shows no abnormality of arteries but shows mild venous run-off,Treatment of choice here would be:

98174. Mass number of an Uranium isotope which is used in atom bom is

98175. Base forming tendency of which of the following elements is maximum?

98176. If 90 per cent of normal voltage and 90 per cent of normal frequency are applied to a transformer, the per cent charge in hysteresis losses will be

98177. From which university did Edwin Hubble get Ph.D. in astronomy?

98178. Dephosphorisation of molten pig iron is favoured by

98179. भारत का जिब्राल्‍टर कहा जाता है -

98180. Liquefied petroleum Gas (LPG) used for the household cooking comprises mainly of

98181. Whole thickness of bowel is involved with skin lesion in ?

98182. In an asthmatic patient which of the following pulmonary functions would show the greater improvement on inhaling a bronchodialator -

98183. 1 Joule is equivalent to

98184. Study of chemical kinetics is the easiest in the case of __________ reactions.

98185. When did Robert Lee win the Battle of Chancellorville?

98186. A tank is filled by three pipes with uniform flow. The first two pipes operating simultaneously fill the tank in the same time during which the tank is filled by the third pipe alone. The second pipe fills the tank 5 hours faster than the first pipe

98187. Which of the following is used to check vortex and to improve aeration efficiency in a fermentor?

98188. Most potent topical steroid

98189. As the electron flow through the chains, much of their free energy is conserved in the form of ATP. This process is called

98190. A ternary relationship involves how many entities?

98191. Most suitable radioisotope of Iodine for treating hyperthyroidism is:

98192. ஆரவல்லி மலை ________வகையைச் சார்ந்தது

98193. What party did Eisenhower belong to?

98194. The term 'Biosphere' was introduced by geologist

98195. 2010 सालचा संत तुकाराम सर्वोत्कृष्ट मराठी चिञपट पुरस्कार मिळविणारा चिञपट कोणता 

98196. The graphical representation of data of cost driver and costs is considered as

98197. The distribution in which the values of median, mean and mode are not equal is considered as

98198. Expansile lytic osseous metastases are characteristics of primary malignancy of:

98199. The voltage which is applied in discharge tube is dependent upon

98200. Which school did Wallis Warfield attend?

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