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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1913

95651. SQL can be used to:

95652. When the exchange of gases takes place in lungs it is called

95653. Ceramic materials fabrication can not be done by

95654. How does dosage compensation in Drosophila occur?

95655. WP abbreviates as -

95656. Citelli's angle is:

95657. Who would have been most affected by Jay's proposal to prohibit American commerce from the Mississippi River?

95658. The first step in the process of management by objectives is to

95659. The 'Theory of Natural Selection' was proposed by -

95660. किस देश मे वर्षा का जल तालाबो मे एकत्र करके सिंचाई के लिए प्रयुक्त होता है, जिन्हे हाफिर कहते है ?

95661. जिल्हा पातळीवर 'जिल्हा विकास आयुक्त'हे पद निर्माण करण्याची शिफारस.........या समितीने केली.

95662. In synthesis of fatty acids energy is supplied by:

95663. To clone into a plasmid vector, both the plasmid and the foreign DNA are cut

95664. Filters with the ________ characteristic are used for filtering pulse waveforms.

95665. The ______ operator is used to compare a value to a list of literals values that have beenspecified.

95666. चंद राजाओं का राजचिन्ह था -

95667. Highest lymph-node involvement seen in -

95668. Excretory urography should be catiously performed in -

95669. निम्नलिखित में से मिश्रण है ?

95670. Most common testicular tumor in prepubertal adults is -

95671. IRV 2020 Project is related to:

95672. INGEST

95673. Sarcina sickness of beer is caused by

95674. A transformer used only for electrical isolation between two circuits has turns ratio which is

95675. Non neoplastic lesions simulating bone tumor are all except?

95676. The number of officially recognised languages according to the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution is -

95677. The idea of a Contituent Assembly to fram a COnstitution of India was first mooted by

95678. When was Freya Stark born?

95679. एक दुकानदार एक प्रेस का अंकित मूल्य क्र.मू. से 25% अधिक रखता है | इसके बाद वह 10% की छूट व 4 % की छूट देता है | तो बताओ उसका वि. मू. क्या होगा ?

95680. Which film has bagged the National Film Award for best feature film?

95681. इनमें से कौन एक अवसादी शैल नहीं हैं ?

95682. चेलावास का युद्ध कब लडा गया?

95683. १०४ वर्षाचे दीर्घायुष्य लाभलेला समजसुधारककोण ?

95684. चित्तौड़ का किला किसने बनवाया था?

95685. The cost of the product that can be added to other large purchase of the product is classified as

95686. Toward the end of the war, many poorer whites in the South felt

95687. The left and right subclavian veins get lymph through

95688. Acetaldehyde is produced by hydration of acetylene in a sulphuric acid solution of mercuric sulphate. Hydration tower is made of

95689. Air is to be heated by condensing steam. Two heat exchangers are available (i) a shell and tube heat exchanger and (ii) a finned tube heat exchanger. Tube side heat transfer area are equal in both the cases. The recommended arrangement is

95690. Putrefaction is delayed in poisoning due to:

95691. In nylon-6, the number 6 represents the total number of

95692. Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a

95693. Name of the longest Train route of India -

95694. द्रव्यमान -सरंक्षण नियम क्या है ?

95695. प्रदेश के किस स्थान पर गन्ने की खोई से कार्ड-बोर्ड बनाया जाता है ?

95696. रक्त का लगभग कितना प्रतिशत भाग प्लाज्मा होता है ?

95697. The staphylococcal intoxication refers to presence of

95698. Drug used in heparin overdose

95699. All of the following are pure beta emitters Except:

95700. Which eukaryotic RNA polymerase makes tRNA\'s?

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