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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1906

95301. If a cohesive soil specimen is subjected to a vertical compressive load, the inclination of the cracks to the horizontal is

95302. हियापहाड़, जुंगेरा कलान व भण्डारी टोला चीनी मिट्टी के क्षेत्र राज्य के किस जिले में स्थित है ?

95303. The three-tier Panchayat Raj System in India was proposed by the -

95304. The number of independent equations to be satisfied for static equilibrium in a space structure is

95305. Where was Bertrand Russell in 1938-1944?

95306. When was The Lord of the Rings published?

95307. The oldest eukaryotic organisms are considered to be

95308. காற்றடைக்கும் டயரை கண்டுபிடித்தவர்?

95309. Which of the following relates the absorption & evolution of heat at the junctions of a thermocouple to the current flow in the circuit?

95310. Each answer below shows example data from a table. Which answer is an example of the general-purpose remarks column problem?

95311. Apples contain

95312. In leucine zipper model, Leucine residue seen after every -

95313. Where was Ovid born?

95314. For terrestrial adaptation Bryophytes forms a special structures to absorb water called as

95315. Combustion is the process in which

95316. Uremic lung most often results due to -

95317. Naphthenic acid is a/an __________ compound.

95318. Electricity is not conducted by

95319. When was Samuel Tilden born?

95320. Ominous sign in bronchial asthma is -

95321. 2550 रू. के बिल पर जो 3 महीनों के बाद देय है वास्तविक बट्टा 50 रू. है | इस पर बैंक का बट्टा कितना होगा ?

95322. The drug inhibiting DNA-dependent RNA polymerase in Mycobacteria is

95323. MCQ The headquarter of International Fund for Agricultural Development is located in

95324. मृदा के PH मान मे वृद्धि से किस प्रकार की मृदा का निर्माण होता है ?

95325. महाराष्ट्र राज्याची पूर्व-पश्चिम लांबी सुमारे _________ किमी आहे.

95326. NaOH + HCl →

95327. Which is the capital of Arizona?

95328. What is the default font size of a new Word document based on Normal template in Word 2003?

95329. Which of the following does not occur during firing/burning of refractories ?

95330. In which treatment of acute pulmonary oedema, all of the following are employed except -

95331. Which of the following is only a star?

95332. How much usable space is available, when a Linux system is configured with a RAID 5 array that consists of six 20 GB hard disk drives?

95333. Vector of phyllody disease is -

95334. Pre-renal azotemia is associated with one of the following characteristic feature -

95335. Which of the following metals can not be hot worked at room temperature ?

95336. Which of the following will occur in an exclusively breast feed baby -

95337. Time required for sterilization by 2% Glutaral-dehyde is:

95338. The organism which grows best above 45°C are called

95339. The population of a village is 7000. It increases by 8% during the first year. During the second year, it decreases by 25% and increases by 20% during the third year. What is the population after 3 years?

95340. Primary Sector in India is

95341. इनमे से किसे प्रतिष्ठित आजीवन उपलब्धि द्रोणाचार्य पुरस्कार 2015 के लिए चुना गया है ?

95342. 'Monday chest tightness' is characteristic of -

95343. Which of these metal chlorides are hydrolyzed?

95344. बिहार में न्यूनतम महिला साक्षरता दर वाला जिला कौन-सा है?

95345. In which of the following no information hiding is done ?

95346. In which novel did James Hilton introduce Shangri-La?

95347. The characteristic equation for the control system with a closed loop transfer function G1/1 G2 is given by 1 G2 = 0. The characteristic equation for the control system

95348. Which is not a deep heat therapy ?

95349. Which of the following detectors give mass flow-dependent signals?

95350. मध्यप्रदेश में कौनसे जिलों का समूह सर्वाधिक सरसों का उत्पादन करता हैं ?

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