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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1873

93651. 1Which is the tallest building in USA?

93652. Which of the following filled system expansion thermometer has the capability to measure the lowest temperature ?

93653. Which of the following is used to grow bacterial cultures continuously?

93654. The Resistance of wire is r ohm. The wire is stritched to double its length, then its resistance will be

93655. சோப்பில் காணப்படும் அமிலம்?

93656. The preserved embryoids are termed as

93657. कोणत्या राज्याने नुकतीच 'क्षीर-भाग्य' नावाने योजना सुरु केली आहे, ज्याद्वारे शाळकरी मुलांना आठवड्यात तीनदा १५० मिली दुध देण्यात येणार आहे?

93658. For which one of the following reasons is an amendment in Companies Bill 2009 proposed ?

93659. The sum of 15% of a positive number and 10% of the same number is 70. What is twice of that number?

93660. In career development, providing performance feedback which is career oriented is part of

93661. Finger clubbing is not usual feature with -

93662. All of the following are seen in Systemic Juvenile Arthritis,except:

93663. The distance of Andromeda from Milky Way galaxy is

93664. Maize are deficient in:

93665. The collection of links throughout the Internet creates an interconnected network called the -

93666. The carryover factor in a prismatic member whose far end is fixed is

93667. A good seller should have the following quality/qualities ?

93668. In order to identify precipitates which are obtained can be matched with respecting

93669. In the short run, balance will be affected by

93670. Which of the following tests is performed to assess the efficiency of pasteurization

93671. संघराज्य सरकारमध्ये _____________. 

93672. Under the Project 2011, the All India Football Federation is preparing players for the matches to be held in the year 2011 for which of the following events ?

93673. The type of relationship stating how changes in cost driver drives causes changes in cost is classified as

93674. The third largest layer of Earth's atmosphere is

93675. Weak electrolytes include

93676. जागतिक बँकेच्या अहवालानुसार भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्थेच्या वाढीचा दर 2013-2014 मध्ये किती राहील, असा अंदाज व्यक्त केला आहे?

93677. நிலவில் இரு மனிதர்கள் பேசும்போது?

93678. कोल्हापुर जिल्हा कोणत्या प्रशासकीय विभागात येतो ?

93679. Most common benign tumor of the bone is -

93680. An output device that uses words or messages recorded on a magnetic medium to produce audio response is

93681. Referring to Problem 10, find branch current IR3.

93682. MCQ The most widest section of the earth is known as

93683. When did Christopher Fry write The Lady’s Not for Burning?

93684. Several brands make their name by using a silly pun, such as Lord of the Fries, Wok on Water or Eggs Eggscetera are illustration of brand name sort

93685. (अ) महात्‍मा गांधी राष्‍टीय ग्रामीण हमी योजना 2006 मध्‍ये सुरु करण्‍यात आली. (ब) या योजनेत युवकांना स्‍वयं रोजगाराचे प्रशिक्षण देण्‍याचे उद्दिष्‍ठ आहे.

93686. If customer 's expectations and products performance matches, the customer is

93687. Lipoprotein with seavenging action is -

93688. Organic molecules that increase the rate of metabolic reactions with themselves changing are known as

93689. Macerated foetus indicates -

93690. By what factor does an audio level change if the power level changes from 4 W to 4096 W?

93691. भारतीय राष्ट्रीय कांग्रेस के प्रथम मुस्लिम अध्यक्ष कौन थे?

93692. Emperor Shah Jahan died in

93693. All of the following statements about carbohydrate antigens are true, except

93694. பெட்ரோலியத்தில் .................... அடங்கி உள்ளது?

93695. Viral matrix proteins are

93696. Why did the Sugar Act differ from previously passed economic measures?

93697. ... यांनी १९२२ च्या गया येथील कॉंग्रेस च्या अधाक्ष पदी निवड करण्यात आली .

93698. A relational database management (RDBMS) package manages data in more than one file at once. How does it organize these file? As

93699. What condition did the Panmunjom treaty return Korea to?

93700. A infant had high grade fever and respiratory distress at the time of presentation to the emergency room.The sample collected for blood culture was subsequently positive showing growth of a haemolytic colonies.On Gram staining these were gram positive cocci.In the screening test for the identification, the suspected pathogen is likely to be susceptible to the following agent -

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