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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 182

9101. A recent survey (by Bloomberg) shows that the USA has fallen behind emerging markets in Brazil, China and India as the preferred to invest. Why is it so? 1. Unstable economic situation of the USA which the global investors feel not likely to improve in the near future. 2. Global investors are finding Brazil, China and India to be actually more amendable to foreign investment Select the correct answer using the code given below-

9102. A person suffering from phenylketonuria on consumption food containing high phenylalanine may lead to the accumulation of

9103. When did Delaware ratify the constitution of USA?

9104. एक कार अपनी वास्तविक चाल की 5/7 चाल से 42 किमी. की दूरी 1 घण्टा 40 मिनट 48 सैकण्ड़ में तय करती है कार की वास्तविक चाल कितनी है ?

9105. डोंगराळ प्रदेशात खालीलपैकी कोणत्या प्रकारच्या वस्त्या आढळतात ?

9106. The specific shape of enzyme molecules accommodate reactant molecules at their

9107. Which of the following is False about mycetoma

9108. A patient on treatment with ketoconazole for a fungal disease develops Gastroesophegeal Reflux Disease (GERD).Which of the following drugs should not be prescribed to him:

9109. Who amongst the following is the author of the book "No Full Stops in India"?

9110. लेन्स कि क्षमता का SI मात्रक

9111. What are the Svedberg values for the subunits of the 70S ribosomes of E. colli?

9112. कौन भारत की आजादी की पहली लड़ाई के रूप में 1857 विद्रोह कहा जाता है?

9113. What happens when a class with parameterized constructors and having no default constructor is used in a program and we create an object that needs a zero-argument constructor?

9114. भारतीय बैंकों में से किस बैंक ने एशियन बैंकर अचीवमेंट पुरस्कार 2015 जीता है ?

9115. The customer driven marketing strategy is another name of

9116. Processing an opposite effect to the change is called as

9117. If every element of a group G is its own inverse, then G is

9118. A lichen which is used as food by animals like reindeers are called

9119. ब्रिटिश काल में निम्न स्थानों में से कौन सा स्थान ग्रीष्म ऋतु के दौरान राजधानी हुआ करती थी?

9120. கீழ்வரும் அமிலங்களில் எது சிவப்பு ஏறும்பின் கொடுக்கில் உள்ளது?

9121. Which countries are separated by Mac Mohan Line?

9122. DNA replication is controlled at which of the following checkpoint?

9123. Which of the following malignant disease of children has the best prognosis?

9124. In a system low friction co-efficient facilitates

9125. Which of the following is not a feature of Kartagener's syndrome -

9126. क्षिप्रा नदी का उद्गम स्थान किस जिले में हैं ?

9127. उल्कापातामुळे निर्माण झालेले एकमेव सरोवर खालीलपैकी कोणते ?

9128. Pseudomembraneous colitis is

9129. Brucella is transmitted by all except:

9130. NH4Cl(s) + NaOH →

9131. The condition in which palatine processes of maxilla and palatine fail to fuse and leads to interferences while inhaling food and ultimately causing aspiration pneumonia is

9132. How many Kilometres are represented by 1 degree of latitude?

9133. उत्तर प्रदेश प्रकाशन विभाग द्वारा कौनसी मासिक पत्रिका प्रकाशित की जाती है ?

9134. Value-added services means -.

9135. Treatment of choice for Obsessive-Compulsive disorder is:

9136. Whom did Eugene Paul Wigner help to construct the first atomic pile?

9137. In what field did Winston Churchill get Nobel Prize in 1953?

9138. Which Article of the Constitution of India mentioned the posts of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha ?

9139. Why is an exclusive-NOR gate also called an equality gate?

9140. T-DNA transfer and processing into plant genome requires products of which of the following genes?

9141. The disposable plastic syringes are best sterilized by

9142. In McCabe-Thiele method, at infinite reflux ratio

9143. 'भगवती' या शब्दाचे पुल्लिंगी रूप कोणते ? 

9144. Abdul Khan presents with pain,numbness and impaired sensation over half of the face along with ataxia,nystagmus,dysphagia and hoarseness of voice.His pain and thermal sensations over opposite half are impaired)Horner's syndrome is present.Likely cause of the disease is thrombosis of which vessel?

9145. Crystallization, evaporation and distillation is a mean of

9146. टाइम' या जगप्रसिद्ध साप्ताहिकाने 2012 चे "पर्सन ऑफ द इयर' म्हणून कोणाची निवड केली आहे ?

9147. Which of the following anesthetic agents does not trigger malignant hyperthermia?

9148. The disease, which is declared as global emergency by WHO in 1993 is

9149. 12 महिला एक कार्य को 12 दिन में पूरा कर सकती है यदि 6 महिला 6 दिन के बाद कार्य छोड़कर चले जाये तो कार्य पूरा होने में कितने दिन और लगेंगे ?

9150. The reason for preferring packed towers over plate towers in distillation practice is that the packed tower operation gives

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