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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1812

90601. MCQ The SI unit of magnetic flux density is

90602. In standing position, Venous return to heart from lower limbs is affected by all of the following except -

90603. भारतीय बनावटीचा पहिला रणगाडा कोणता?

90604. भारत का पहला कृत्रिम उपग्रह कौनसा था ?

90605. Terminal is a

90606. When did John Northrop isolate the first bacterial virus?

90607. The difficulty of discharge is highest in

90608. The Niel Bohr who proposed the Bohr atomic model became the first president of Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics in

90609. Who were called the Kings of Wisdom?

90610. From a container having pure spirit, 20% is replaced by water and the process is repeated thrice. At the end of the third operation pure spirit is:

90611. 1920 में अखिल भारतीय ट्रेड यूनियन कांग्रेस की स्थापना किसने की ?

90612. In economics and commerce, products relate to a broader class of

90613. American Society of Anesthesiologists classification of physical status of patient is done for ?

90614. நாடாப்புழு ................. வகையான அசைவ உணவை அதிகமாக உண்பவரிடம் காணப்படும்?

90615. What is DONER ?

90616. Independent molecules of sodium chloride can exist in

90617. From the bark of which plant is quinine extracted?

90618. केवळ भारतीयांनी स्थापलेली पहिली व्यापारी बँक ...........हि होय .

90619. राष्ट्र मंडलाच्या शिखर संमेलनामध्ये कोणत्या देशाला समावेश हा राष्ट्र मंडल सदस्य म्हणून घेण्यात आले?

90620. 6 gms of magnesium (atomic weight = 24), reacts with excess of an acid, the amount of H2 produced will be __________ gm.

90621. The following may be the example of privilaged communication except -

90622. Microbes can be removed from a liquid solution by the process of

90623. अयोग्य विधाने ओळखा. अ] महाराष्ट्र हा शेंगदाणा तेल उत्पादनात अग्रेसर राज्य आहे. ब] भारताला १०% कागद आयात करावा लागतो.

90624. The single parameter model proposed for describing non-ideal flow is the __________ model.

90625. A 30 year old pregnant woman develops tuberculosis.Which of the following antitubercular drugs should not be used:

90626. The layer of Earth's atmosphere which is used by International Space Station is known as

90627. அணு குண்டு (ATOM BOMB) கண்டுபிடிக்கப்பட்ட ஆண்டு எது?

90628. The magnetic energy released by the Sun in its magnetic storms is classified as

90629. Powdered Al(s) reacts vigoursly with oxygen and the product is

90630. पंजाब व हरियाणा राज्यामध्ये गायींना विशिष्ट प्रकारचे इंजेक्शन लावून तिच्या शरीरातील जास्तीस जास्त रक्त - चरबी दुधात परिवर्तीत केली जाते. हे गोमातेच्या शरीराचे कशा प्रकारचे शोषण आहे. 1) प्राणी शोषण 2) नौसर्गिक साधनसंसंपदेचे शोषण 3) जौविक शोषण 4) प्राणी व जौविक शोषण. वरीलपौकी कोणता पर्याय योग्य आहे.

90631. In employee training, the first stage for the trainees on-the-job training is to

90632. If a host on a network has the address, what is the subnetwork this host belongs to?

90633. Example of a Saprophytic bacteria is

90634. A desktop computer is also known as a—

90635. Which one of the following is used in the preparation of antiseptic solution?

90636. पंचायत समितीच्या उपसभापतींना ...........इतके मानधन दिले जाते.

90637. What do you call a device that is used to measure current in a wire?

90638. Which of the following is a live attenuated bacterial vaccine ?

90639. When the charge of 90C passes through wire in 1 hour 15 min then its current will be

90640. இரண்டு எண்களின் கூட்டுத்தொகை 33. மேலும் அவைகளின் வித்தியாசம் 15 எனில் அவற்றில் சிறிய எண்?

90641. What happened to Horatio Nelson during the Battle of Calvi?

90642. Which US region seemed most likely to secede during the War of 1812?

90643. सूर्य किरणों द्वारा चिकित्सा, विज्ञान की किस शाखा के अंतर्गत आती हैं ?

90644. Which values should be assigned to the variables $a, $b and $c in order for the following script to display the string Hello, World!?

90645. which complication you would expect during internal podalic version in case of transverse lie -

90646. Of the following who had rebelled against the Mughal Emperor Jahangir?

90647. Farmers raise the pH of acidic soil by using

90648. The recently published book that compiled the treasury of landmark speeches of the Indian leaders named "Great Indian and their Landmark Speeches" is written by

90649. The benefits of negative feedback include

90650. Slide show options available to the presenter include all of the following except

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