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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1762

88101. एशिया का प्रथम व विश्व का तीसरा लेसर अनुसंधान केन्द्र मध्यप्रदेश के किस शहर में हैं ?

88102. The customer multiplier includes

88103. While reacting with metals, halogens get

88104. Jethro Tull was developing the world's first seed drill in

88105. Organised glomemler deposits in kidney is present in all except:

88106. Which type of line has precedence over all other types of lines?

88107. Kamla,a 48 years old lady underwent hysterectomy on the seventh day.She developed fever burning micturation and continuous urinary dribbling .She can also pass urine voluntarily.The diagnosis is-

88108. The cause of death in congenital diaphragmatic hernia is -

88109. The design stress, which is more than the damaging stress, is the least unit stress that will render a member unfit for service before the end of its normal life. The design stress factor or factor of safety indicates the margin between design stress

88110. DNA restriction is done by the following method:

88111. When were the first General Election held in India?

88112. Scientists at the Tomato Genome Consortium (TGC) successfully sequenced the genomes of which of the following vegetables?

88113. Jesse Owens Global Award is given in the field of -

88114. The Critical Clearance time of a fault in the power system is related to

88115. The budgeted income statement and the supporting budget schedules is classified as

88116. Which of the following can readily kill Salmonellae?

88117. रयत वादि पद्धती खालीलपैकी कोणत्या भागात लागू करण्यात आली आहे .

88118. चक्रवृध्दि ब्याज पर उधार दी गयी कोई धनराशि 2 वर्ष में 1460 रू. तथा 3 वर्ष में 1606 रू. होती है |ब्याज की वार्षिक दर होगी ?

88119. A base is a class of chemical substances which includes all

88120. The end product of glycolysis is pyruvate, which enters the citric acid cycle after being converted to

88121. The number of field lines passing at certain area are known as

88122. A 3 months old male infant developed otitis for which he was given a course of co-trimoxazole.A few days later, he developed extensive peeling of the skin, there was no mucosal lesions and the baby was not toxic. The most likely diagnosis is -

88123. बिजौलिया आन्दोलन से जुड़ने वाला प्रमुख नाम था --------------

88124. When was King Solomon’s Mines published?

88125. The catalyst used in the production of elemental sulphur from H2S (by oxidation-reduction) is

88126. महादेव गोविंद रानडे यांचा जन्म केव्हा व कोठे झाला .

88127. The Prime minister

88128. रवींद्रनाथ टागोर यांना कोणत्या वर्षी नोबेल परितोषिकाने गौरविण्यात आले ?

88129. Which statement is incorrect -

88130. A, B and C are three typists, who working simultaneously can type 432 pages in four hours. In one hour C can type as many pages more than B as B can type more than A. During a period of five hours, C can type as many pages as A can during seven hours

88131. किसी भी स्थानीय प्राधिकरण , निगमित निकाय या सार्वजनिक संस्थान की कार्मिक प्रणाली को संयुक्त लोक सेवा आयोग के अधिकार क्षेत्र में निम्न में से किसके द्वारा लाया जा सकता हैं ?

88132. Queries are based on this, allowing you to use a query as the source for forms and reports

88133. The total resistance of a circuit is 680 ohm . The percentage of the total voltage appearing across a 47 ohm resistor that makes up part of the total series resistance is

88134. When was William Bragg born?

88135. When did Gerald Ford die?

88136. The motor used in household refrigerators is

88137. In 1919, International Labour Organization became an autonomous partner of which Organization :

88138. भारत की संचित निधि पर प्रभारित व्यय कहा प्रस्तुत किया जाता हैं ?

88139. World famous tennis star Rafael Nadal is from which of the following counties?

88140. The winner of Davis Cup 2010 is

88141. Heavy Water is normally used by which of the following industries?

88142. Promoters for tRNAs are located

88143. NBFM stands for:

88144. All of the following are complications of supracondylar fracture of humerus in children, except -

88145. In amylose chain, the glucose molecules are linked through

88146. Which of the following term means to reckon?

88147. Which of the following is true about const member functions?

88148. A gradient elution in HPLC is one in which the composition of the solvent

88149. Which of the following is called the pink City of India?

88150. यदि 4 आदमी और 6 लड़के किसी काम को 4 दिन में समाप्त करते है जबकि उसी काम को 2 आदमी और 4 लडके 7 दिन में कर सकते है | ज्ञात कीजिए कि 10 आदमी और 8 लडके उस काम को कितने दिनों में करेगे ?

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