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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1740

87001. Crystals refers to

87002. Using the SQL GROUP BY phrase with a SELECT statement can help detect which of the following problems?

87003. Tuberculosis (TB) is an example of

87004. A, B, C hired a car for Rs. 520 and used it for 7,8 and 11 hours respectively. Hire charges paid by B were:

87005. भारत सरकारने पहिला मानव अहवाल ____________ साली प्रसिध्द केला.

87006. Gandhian principles have been incorporated in the Constitution in

87007. A 45-year old man presents with a daily headache.He describes two attacks per day over the past 3 weeks.Each attack lasts about an hour and awakens the patient from sleep.The patient has noted associated tearing and reddening of his right eye as well as nasal stuffiness.The pain is deep,excruciating,and limited to the right side of the head.The neurologic examination is nonfocal.The most likely diagnosis of this patient's headache is:

87008. A subset of A x A is called a

87009. Relationship between absorption/evolution of heat at the thermocouple junctions and the current flow in the circuit is given by __________ effect.

87010. Nitrogen content of urea is about __________ percent.

87011. One is not the feature of obstructive jaundice -

87012. All are true regarding direct standardization except:

87013. Which event took place on 24 August 1814?

87014. The new NASSCOM Chairman is-

87015. ___is the process of carrying out commands.

87016. What did Yogi Berra say in July 1973 when his New York Mets trailed Chicago Cubs by 91/2 games?

87017. Two gas based fertiliser plants are located in

87018. The activities related to coordinating, controlling and planning activities of flow of inventory are classified as

87019. કોઇ વ્યક્તિના કબજામાંથી ચોરીનો માલ મળી આવે તો ન્યાયાલય કેવા અનુમાન કરી શકે છે ?

87020. Which of the following places the common data elements in order from smallest to largest

87021. Due to advances in cancer treatment the progressive of which of the following has become better ?

87022. The synthesis of ATP by initiation of reaction with light is called

87023. Phenol formaldehyde is produced by condensation polymerisation. It is also known as

87024. क्या मौलिक अधिकार हैं?

87025. पाकीस्तानचा माजी क्रिकेटपटू इम्रानखान याच्याशी संबंधित असलेला पक्ष कोणता?

87026. Which of the following is a storage device that uses rigid, permanently installed magnetic disks to store data/information -

87027. In which of the following can many entity instances of one type be related to many entity instances of another type?

87028. Euro emission norms are emission standards and these represent a package setting limits for emission from a vehicle. Which of the following gases is covered under this ?

87029. 15 आदमियों को एक काम करने में 8 घंटों वाले 21 दिन लगते हैं | 21 महिलाओं को 6 घंटों वाले कितने दिन लगेंगे यदि 3 महिलाएं 2 आदमियों के बराबर काम करती है ?

87030. Which of the following is billionth of a second?

87031. Which function calculates the largest value in a set of numbers in Excel?

87032. A 6yrs old child belonging to Punjabi family with past history of blood transfusions presented with Hemoglobin - 3.5 g/dl, MCV - 30 fl,MCHC - x (not recalled/controversy) Peripheral Smear findings of Microcytic Hypochromic anemia with target cell and reduced osmotic fragility. The probable diagnosis of patient:

87033. खालील विधाने लक्षात घ्या आणि योग्य विधाने ओळखा. अ] भारतातील पहिला रेशीम उद्योग हावडा येथे १८३२ मध्ये चालू झाला. ब] भारत जगाच्या २६% रेशीम उत्पादन करते.

87034. महाराष्ट्र एक्सप्रेस हि रेल्वेगाडी .. या मार्गावर धावते .

87035. The parliament has the exclusive power to make laws with respect to any of the matters enumerated in the

87036. The 'differentiated marketing' is also called

87037. அச்சு இயந்திரத்தை வடிவமைத்தவர்?

87038. आतंकवाद पर प्रथम अंतर्राष्ट्रीय सम्मेलन किस जगह पर आयोजित किया गया है ?

87039. Hydrogen Chloride gas dissolved in Methylbenzene is not acidic because

87040. The following is not a method of isolation of chlamydia from clinical specimens -

87041. भारत में वाम पंथियो ने विभिन्न अवसरो पर सरकार का गठन किन राज्यो मे किया ?

87042. Bacteria implicated in dental caries -

87043. The bacteria, which is more resistant to adverse environmental conditions, is

87044. जलोढ़ मिट्टी में किस रसायन की मात्रा रहती हैं ?

87045. __________ हे वर्ष युनो ने 'आंतरराष्ट्रीय महिला सबलीकरण वर्ष (International Year of Women Empowerment) ' म्हणून साजरे केले.

87046. In duties of HR manager, staff functions consists of

87047. भारत में संयुक्त सलाहकार परिषद की स्थापना किसकी सिफारिश पर की गई थी ?

87048. कोणास 'लोकहितवादी' म्हणून ओळखले जाते ?

87049. A 65yrs male has foul breath;He regurgitates food that is eaten 2 days ago: Possible diagnosis is:

87050. The delete confirmation generated by ...switch

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