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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1723

86151. The bacteria that is negative for fermentation of mannitol is

86152. Which of the following has peptidoglycan as a major constituent of cell wall?

86153. जीवाणूमधील प्रजननाची सर्वात प्रभावी पध्दती _______________ आहे. 

86154. The term GIGO is relate to which characteristics of computers?

86155. Pulsed power switches use

86156. At which college was Ellsworth Huntington instructor?

86157. Given n 1 data pairs, a unique polynomial of degree __________________ passes through 1 n data points.

86158. செவ்வாய் கிரகத்தில் தரை இறங்கிய விண்கலத்தின் பெயர்?

86159. Treatment of Acute neuritis in Lepra I reaction is A/E

86160. When two waves meet, their displacements

86161. உலகிலேயே அதிக அளவு திரைப்படங்கள் எடுக்கும் நாடு எது?

86162. Consider regular expression (0 1) (0 1) ....... n times. Minimum state finite automaton that recognizes the language represented by this regular expression contains

86163. Low temperatures induce the expression of many cold-induced genes. Transgenic plants with improved cold tolerance have been produced by

86164. यूनिक्स का विकास कब हुआ था ?

86165. The default umask for a non-privileged user on a Red Hat system is:

86166. In gastric outlet obstruction in a peptic ulcer patient,which of the following is the possible site of obstruction?

86167. Rapid induction of anaesthesia depends on-

86168. The terminal potential difference of battery depends on

86169. The plasmid-mediated properties is/are

86170. The Depression of 1893 depleted the U.STreasury so much that the federal government had to

86171. महेश किसी कार्य को 10 दिन में समाप्त कर सकता है , जबकि दिनेश इसे 15 दिन में समाप्त कर सकता है दोनों मिलकर इस कार्य को कितने दिन में समाप्त कर सकेंगे ?

86172. Congental sensorineural deafness with abnormal iodine metabolism and goiter in children is called -

86173. भारताने पोखरण-2 अणुचाचण्या ________मध्ये घेतल्या.

86174. A car is rtyining at a constant speed of 50 km/h, which of the following is the feedback element for the driver ?

86175. The sum of purchase price and the accrued interest on treasury bonds and notes is considered as

86176. In a patient hoarseness of voice was found to be having pachydermia laryngis.All of the following are true except:

86177. Universal precaution is applied to:

86178. The battle at Waihind in 1008-09 A.D was fought between

86179. Bank assurance means -.

86180. हाल ही में क्वींस के फाइनल में पहुँचने के लिए एंडी मुरे को इनमे से किसने हराया ?

86181. இந்தியாவின் மிகப் பழமையான மொழி எது?

86182. The Wilmot Proviso favored the interests of which region of the US?

86183. All are pharmacogenetic conditions,except:

86184. जनस्थान पुरस्कार कोणाकडून दिला जातो ?

86185. ரெக்டிபயர் என்பது என்ன?

86186. थारु जनजाति में कैसी परिवार प्रथा है ?

86187. Which Erich Maria Remarque novel was published posthumously?

86188. The density of a substance is defined as

86189. சூரிய ஒளி நம்மை வந்தடைய எடுத்துக் கொள்ளும் நேரம்?

86190. Gasoline extracted from natural gas (by compression and cooling) is called the __________ gasoline.

86191. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy is not used in -

86192. தேசிய வளர்ச்சியின் உயிரோட்டமாக கருதப்படுவது?

86193. SAIL's plant in Karnataka is situated at

86194. Zero address instruction format is used for

86195. BRIC countries account for what fraction of world's population?

86196. The ratio of the first and second class fares between two stations is 4 : 1 and that of the number of passengers traveling by first and second class is 1 : 40. If Rs11000 is collected as fare, the amount collected from first class passengers is:

86197. Who was the first women ruler of Delhi?

86198. किस मेले का एक विशिष्ट कार्यक्रम है - आग पर नंगे पांव चलना ?

86199. Constitution does not recognize the case system because

86200. When did National Communicable Diseases Center become Center for Disease Control?

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