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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1677

83851. What is the term used for a segment of DNA with one or more genes in the centre and the two ends carrying inverted repeat sequences of nucleotides?

83852. Excessive hemorrnage in tosillectomy result from injury to -

83853. Which of the following is an aminoneurotransmitter -

83854. निम्न में से कौनसा मध्यप्रदेश का सीमावर्ती राज्य नहीं हैं ?

83855. रहनुमाई मजदायसन सभा का सम्बन्ध किस धर्म से हैं ?

83856. All are true regarding Zollinger Ellison syndrome, except -

83857. If the risk can be eliminated with the help of diversification, then the relevant risk is

83858. Which is the 3rd nearest planet to the Sun

83859. True about foramen of bochdalek is -

83860. ish to allow a non-root user to bring network interface eth0 up and down:

83861. The density of which of these metals is lowest?

83862. A wall of 100 meters can be built by 7 men or 10 women in 10 days. How many days will 14 men and 20 women take to build a wall of 600 meters?(INFOTECH COMPANY)

83863. The potential energy possessed per unit of charge at any given location is referred to as the electric ___.

83864. All of the following are commonly used Filarial indices except

83865. CSO has changed the base year for estimating the national income data -

83866. खालीलपैकी भारतातील पहिली विकास बँक कोणती आहे ?

83867. Cause of DVT(Deep venous thrombosis) includes A/E.

83868. உப்பின் சாதாரண உருகுநிலை?

83869. महाराष्ट्र शासन सेवेमध्ये सरळसेवा प्रवेशासाठी . . . . . टक्के मागासवर्गीयांसाठी आरक्षण आहे

83870. A common cause of primary hyperparathyroidism is

83871. Pulmonary Surfactant

83872. The drain current will always be one-fourth of IDSS as long as the gate-to-source voltage is ________ the pinch-off value.

83873. Heterozygous sickle cell anemia gives protection against:

83874. Increase in cytosolic calcium from intracellular storage, during smooth muscle contraction is due to -

83875. इंदिरा गाँधी सागर परियोजना निम्नलिखित में से किस नदी पर निर्मित है?

83876. In a digital computer, which part consists of arithmetic logic unit, memory unit and the control unit?

83877. Diazo reagent is used as a locating agent in the chromatography of

83878. Which of the following can be used for reducing the size of gene inserts containing introns?

83879. How will one diagnose ATN with fluid deficit ?

83880. The pressure in fluid depends upon

83881. MCQ The flexible and tough band of fibrous connective tissue that connects bone to the muscles is known as

83882. Pedology is the study of

83883. The distribution whose function is calculated by considering the Bernoulli trials that are infinite In number is classified as

83884. High yield of chlorotetracyclin requires

83885. A grocer has a sale of Rs. 6435, Rs. 6927, Rs. 6855, Rs. 7230 and Rs. 6562 for 5 consecutive months. How much sale must he have in the sixth month so that he gets an average sale of Rs. 6500?

83886. केंद्र आणि घटक सरकारांच्या आर्थिक संबंधाबाबत राष्ट्रपतींना शिफारसी करणे हे ........चे कार्य आहे.

83887. Velocity is a

83888. The tumor more commonly found in the posterior mediastinum is

83889. Which is first sign of intrauterine death -

83890. भारतीय राज्यघटना कोणत्या प्रकारच्या अल्पसंख्यांकांना मान्यता देते? अ] धार्मिक अल्पसंख्यांक ब] वांशिक अल्पसंख्यांक क] भाषिक अल्पसंख्यांक

83891. Which of the following Committees are Committees of Parliament? 1. Public Accounts Committee 2. Estimates Committee 3. Committee on Public Undertakings Select the correct answer using the code given below-

83892. The strutural changes in the distribution of net domestic product in India include

83893. Which of the following properties are the characteristics of tetanospasmin?

83894. Forced diuresis with acidification or alkalinization of urine is a common method for elimination of certain poisons/drugs from the body.The elimination of which of the following drugs is commonly enhanced by alkaline diuresis.

83895. The International Civil Aviation Organization is headquartered in

83896. Which one of the following vitamins has antioxidant property ?

83897. Before discharging decomposed sewage into rivers and seas,

83898. When did Winston Churchill become Home Secretary?

83899. In summer, sometimes the bicycle tube bursts because inside the tube

83900. Cellulose is a form of

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