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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1671

83551. When dimensioning piping drawings, you give the lengths of all runs of this type:

83552. A train with a whistle that emits a note of frequency 800 Hz is approaching an observer at speed of 60 ms-1, the frequency of note heard by observer is

83553. सबसे पहले मानव विकास सूचकांक का विचार देने वाले अर्थशास्त्री महबूब-उल-हक किस देश के थे ?

83554. Who is the school teacher in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?

83555. Which of the following hills are found where the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats meet?

83556. Treatment of acne vulgaris may include all except -

83557. A pin-jointed plane frame is unstable ifwhere m is number of members, r is reaction components and j is number of joints

83558. The distribution which shows the cumulative figure of all the observations placed below upper limit of classes in distribution is considered as

83559. विधानसभा को भंग कौन करता है ?

83560. In an n-type semiconductor, as temperature T increases, the Fermi level EF

83561. Effective Selling Skills depends on ______________

83562. The order of reaction is that power to which concentration of reactant is

83563. In a 500 m race, the ratio of the speeds of two contestants A and B is 3 : 4. A has a start of 140 m. Then, A wins by:

83564. How many 4-letter words with or without meaning, can be formed out of the letters of the word, \'LOGARITHMS\', if repetition of letters is not allowed?

83565. Penicillin acts on-

83566. तवनगढ किले के निर्माता -

83567. Dark brown P.M. lividity is seen in -

83568. Which region is most famous for citrus fruits?

83569. Antitubercukous drug showing highest incidence of resistance in India is -

83570. The budgeted direct labor hours are multiplied to direct labor cost rate to calculate

83571. Which is a direct content of cavernous sinus -

83572. Another method used occasionally for drying crystals is

83573. Human blood contains________ percentage of plasma

83574. The most pathogenic Brucella spp for man is

83575. The differential amplifier produces outputs that are

83576. Which of the following statements is correct?A reference is not a constant pointer.A referenced is automatically de-referenced.

83577. Coke oven gas produced by high temperature carbonisation of coal (as compared to that produced by low temperature carbonisation), has

83578. In the formation of stationary waves, at T⁄2 the waves are

83579. उत्‍तर भारतीय मैदानी प्रदेशातील गाळाच्‍या संचयनाचा खालीलपैकी कोणता क्रम उत्‍तरेकडून दक्षिणेकडे बरोबर आहे.

83580. Entomology is the science that studies?

83581. சர்வதேச நாள்கோடு ( INTERNATIONAL DATA LINE ) ................... வழியாக செல்கிறது?

83582. संसार में ऊन उत्पादन में आस्ट्रेलिया का स्थान है ?

83583. இணை பக்கங்களை கொண்ட பாளத்தின் வழியே ஒளி செல்லும் போது நடைபெறுவது?

83584. A decubitus ulcer is

83585. 'विकास प्रशासनाचे केंद्र जिल्हा असावे' अशी शिफारस कोणत्या समितीने केली?

83586. छत्तीसगढ़ की सर्वाधिक सीमा किस प्रदेश से लगी हुई है?

83587. Which state is to the south of South Dakota?

83588. Which of the following is true of Pamela?

83589. The Hockey World Player for 2009 is

83590. Corneal sensation is lost in

83591. The maximum number of Anglo Indians who can be nominated to the Lok Sabha are?

83592. किसी शुष्क प्रदेश मे बहुत सारे जलोढ शंकुओ के सम्मिलित होने से बना निक्षेपण लवण क्या कहलाता है?

83593. Use of friction in breaking pads of cars is a

83594. When used with an IC, what does the term "QUAD" indicate?

83595. Hydroponics is

83596. टंगस्टन स्टील मध्ये खालीलपैकी काय नसते. अ] लोह ब] कार्बन क] निकेल ड] टंगस्टन इ] क्रोमियम

83597. MCQ In march equinox, the beginning of autumn season was marked on

83598. औढा नागनाथ हे स्थान पुर्वी कोणत्या जिल्ह्यात होते ?

83599. All the following are features of Marfan's syndrome except

83600. Sharing of outer electrons form

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