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83002. Dandiya Ras is a dance form of which state

83003. An unknown patients presents with his pyrexia,constricted pupils,hypotension,cyanosis,and stupor progressing to coma.Poisoning is due to

83004. The characteristic which is a must requirement to perform any job successfully is classified as

83005. Alaska is the largest state in USA. How many electors it has in Electoral College for USA Presidential Election 2008?

83006. The necessary wall thickness for a metallic storage vessel is a function of the

83007. When HIV invades in an individual it destroys its

83008. 27 female members left a club. As a result, the number of males became 50% more than the number of remaining females. After wards 45 males left, the remaining males being 75% of the number of remaining females. What was the initial number of females?

83009. उत्तर गोलार्धात दिनमानाचा कालावधी कधीपासून वाढत जातो?

83010. Which file format can be added to a PowerPoint show?

83011. An AND gate with schematic "bubbles" on its inputs performs the same function as a(n)________ gate.

83012. शक्ती ही ___________ राशी आहे.

83013. The Chilka Lake Region is situated between the deltas of -

83014. A stack organized computer has

83015. You need to configure a router for a Frame Relay connection to a non-Cisco router. Which of the following commands will prepare the WAN interface of the router for this connection?

83016. A technique for direct search is

83017. अटकामा मरुस्थल कहां स्थित है ?

83018. Protein is purified using ammonium sulfate by

83019. The all-pass filter has

83020. The latitude difference between India and Pakistan for their standard time is

83021. भारत का एकमात्र राज्य जहां हीरे का उत्पादन होता हैं ?

83022. महाराष्ट्राच्या मंत्रालयाला भीषण आग केव्हा लागली होती?

83023. Carl Woese and his colleague are best known for establishing

83024. An open system in which the growth rate is maintained by the removal and addition of media at such a rate as to maintain a constant cell density is called a

83025. Which of the following on April 2,2012 reached an agreement with Malaysian financial services major CIMB Group to sell its cash equities,equity capital markets and mergers and acquisition business in India as well as in 10 other Asia-pacific markets?

83026. Crop rotation helps to

83027. 33. ക്രിക്കറ്റിന്റെ ഉത്ഭവം ഏതു രാജ്യത്തായിരുന്നു ? [33. Krikkattinte uthbhavam ethu raajyatthaayirunnu ? ]

83028. Herring body are seen in ?

83029. The element which is required by the plant in large quantity:

83030. Whose singing made God Bless America popular?

83031. ______________ control the geometric behavior of a dynamic model.

83032. At which of the following check point, mitosis is controlled?

83033. Lead carbonate only dissolves 0.00017g in dm3 of water, hence it is regarded as

83034. During the reign of which ruler Ibn Batuta came to India?

83035. Whooping cough is caused by ?

83036. A System in which a transaction access and updates a file quickly enough to affect the original decision making is called

83037. In September equinox, the season on the north of the equator is

83038. ग्रेट -ब्रिटेन में संसदीय प्रशासन आयुक्त किस वर्ष में नियुक्त किया गया था ?

83039. Which one of the following is responsible for blue baby syndrome?

83040. लक्षणो को नियंत्रण करने वाली आधुनिक इकाई को क्या कहते है ?

83041. Times Magazine's Person of the year 2010 is -

83042. Atmospheric pollution caused by the exhaust gas of supresonic transport air-crafts is mostly in the atmospheric region called

83043. True about Minimal change disease is:

83044. Which of the following are NOT true about .NET Framework? 1.It provides a consistent object-oriented programming environment whether object code is stored and executed locally, executed locally but Internet-distributed, or executed remotely. 2

83045. The Karewas of Kashmir refers to which among the following types of deposits?

83046. Hematological profile is abnormal in all except -

83047. Which of the following is correct about micro biosensors?

83048. The visual acuity used as cut off for differentiating 'normal' from 'abnormal' children in the School Vision Screening Programme in India is

83049.  ४७ वे राज्य चित्रपट पुरस्कार- २०१० मधील राज कपूर स्मृती पुरस्कार कोणाला देण्यात आला आहे?

83050. The kind of pricing in which prices are set below the cost temporarily and intentionally to destroy the competitors is classified as

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