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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1648

82401. Phenols are added in gasoline to

82402. Among liquids, water has a comparatively high value of thermal conductivity, due to its

82403. The second step in 'ranking method' of job evaluation is to

82404. ईस्ट इंडिया कंपनीच्या राजवटीत ................ या वस्तूंच्या निर्यातीत वाढ झाली

82405. The metal which can be melted even by the warmth of human palm is

82406. What is ‘financial inclusion’ ? Easy access to bank accounts for safe parking of savings Availability of cheap credits through appropriately designed loans for poor and low income households and small entrepreneurs Availability of basic financial products like insurance

82407. Understanding the Cartesian coordinate system will help the beginning drafter ________.

82408. Dietary interventions that decrease the further risk in MI pt-

82409. महाराष्ट्र राज्यात दि. 2 ऑक्टोबर ते 31 ऑक्टोबर 2012 या कालावधीत कोणत्या शासकीय योजनेच्या जागृतीसाठी अभियान राबविले जात आहे?

82410. 4. ജൂബിലി 2000 എന്നാല്‍ എന്താണ് ? [4. Joobili 2000 ennaal‍ enthaanu ? ]

82411. Gandhiji organised 'Dandi March' in 1930 to protest against

82412. Drug of choice in PSVT is:

82413. The strategy of marketing channel system in which company's sales force carry, promote and sell products to end users is classified as

82414. All of the following cause jaundice at birth or within 24 hours except -

82415. Pyronaridine is:

82416. भारतीय राष्ट्रीय सामाजिक परिषदेची स्थापना कोणी केली?

82417. Which of the following was responsible for ratifying the U.SConstitution?

82418. OTIS is a brand name of -

82419. Two pipes A and B together can fill a cistern in 4 hours. Had they been opened separately, then B would have taken 6 hours more than A to fill the cistern. How much time will be taken by A to fill the cistern separately?

82420. A man spends 10% of his capital on raw material, 20% of the remaining on advertisement, 30% of the remaining on building, 40% of the balance on machinery and thus he was left with Rs.9072. Find his capital.

82421. In the accelerated phase, cell starts to

82422. What is the default file extension for all Word documents?

82423. विश्व में बाघ की पहली गणना हुई ?

82424. Which of the following hint(s) suggest/s that a given specimen is likely to contain anaerobic bacteria?

82425. Devaluation of currency leads to

82426. What is the default number of shell commands saved in the history list of .cshrc file?

82427. రోలింగ్ ప్లాన్ యొక్క కాలం ఏది ?

82428. During parallel operation of transformers incorrect polarity will result in

82429. Where was Patrick Steptoe born?

82430. Which of the following events happens when a nerve impulse arrives at the Neuromuscular Junction:

82431. All of the following statements about High Tibial Osteotomy are true,Except

82432. Any spectral colour can be matched by a mixture of three monochromatic lights (red,green,blue) in different proportions.If a person needs more of one of the colour for matching than a normal person,then he has a colour anomaly.More red colour is needed in the case of:

82433.  कमाल जमीन धारणा कायदा करण्याचा उद्देश काय ?

82434. हळद या बहुगुणी भारतीय वनस्पतीचे बौद्धिक संपदा हक्क भारतीयांसाठी रक्षण करण्यासाठी कोणत्या शास्त्रज्ञाने आंतरराष्ट्रीय लढा दिला?

82435. When you save to this, your data will remain intact even when the computer is turned off–

82436. A class B amplifier operates in the linear region for

82437. Permanent Settlement' was introduced during the tenure of -

82438. Govt. of India has made a special agreement with USA to develop which of the following modes of power generation in India?

82439. In an open loop control system

82440. Principle used in Radio Therapy is -

82441. Dorello's canal transmits in tip of temporal bone -

82442. The electro negativity of oxygen is equal to

82443. Gulf Stream carries

82444. In which city did the most infamous and destructive race riots of the mid- to late 1960s occur?

82445. छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य में "करमा पर्व" किस जनजाति द्वारा मनाया जाता है ?

82446. The energy in a capacitor can be stored in the form of

82447. Zeigler process

82448. Pollen tube germinates from each pollen due to

82449. Following surgical removal of a firm nodular cancer swelling in the right breast and exploration of the right axilla.On examination the patient was found to have a winged right scapula.This occurred due to injury to the

82450. భారత దేశం లో తోలి ప్రెసిడెన్సి బ్యాంకు ?

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