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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1613

80651. 'सिसल' अफ्रीका में उत्पन्न होने वाली एक प्रमुख वनस्पति है! इससे क्या तैयार किया जाता है?

80652. Who took Robert Barany prisoner during World War I?

80653. The Second Generation Computer was based on______.

80654. Preservative used for alcohol poisoning is -

80655. Please do not ..................................... an offer made by the Chairman.

80656. If a relationship has a cascade updates constraint, then if ________ in the parent table is changed, then the same change will automatically be made to any corresponding foreign key value.

80657. మహా సముద్రాలు ఎంత శాతం భూ భాగాన్ని ఆక్రమిస్తున్నాయి ?

80658. The principal site of absorption of Sodium is:

80659. कोमलचे वय विजयाच्या वयाच्या 1/3 पट आहे.10 वर्षानंतर ते 3/4पट होईल तर कोमलचे आजचे वय किती?

80660. 7777+777+77+7  सोडवा.

80661. Which of the following substances can sterilize?

80662. Mainlining is:

80663. Point out the incorrect statement -

80664. The ________-frequency response of a transformer-coupled system is calculated primarily by the stray capacitance between the turns of the primary and secondary windings.

80665. What is the address range of a Class B network address in binary?

80666. Lateral border of cubital fossa is formed by -

80667. Onion juice is

80668. A child with increased conjugated bilirubin develops seizures and cataract the probable diagnosis is -

80669. किसने सभी गोलमेज सम्मेलनों में भाग लिया ?

80670. Where did James Abram Garfield meet Lucretia Rudolph, his future wife?

80671. Right to property was removed from the list of Fundamental rights by the

80672. Argon laser trabeculoplasty is useful for

80673. राजश्री शाहू महाराज यांचे मुल नाव काय ?

80674. ஒரு நடுநிலையான அணு, நேர்மின் அயனி ஆகும்போது ?

80675. The function of oligodendrocyte is

80676. கெட்டுப்போன வெண்ணெயிலிருந்து தோன்றும் துர்நாற்றத்துக்கு காரணம்?

80677. Which type of molecule spans the membrane, from its inner to outer surface according to the Fluid mosaic model of cell membranes?

80678. The carpal tunnel contains all of the following important structures except:

80679. An online discussion group that allows direct “live” communication is known as–

80680. रिझर्व्ह बँकेला १००० रुपयांची नोट निर्माण करण्याची परवानगी .............पासून मिळाली आहे.

80681. Albuminocytological dissociation in CSF is observed in -

80682. चुकीचा पर्याय ओळखा

80683. A Darlington pair amplifier has

80684. भारतातील राष्ट्रीयीकरण १९ जुलै १९६९ ला झाले ,तर इतर सहा बँकांचे राष्ट्रीयीकरण .............या दिवशी झाले.

80685. Most common cause of spontaneous sub-arachnoid haemorrhage is -

80686. There is reduction as well as oxidation during photosynthesis hence called as

80687. பொட்டாசியம் ஹைட்ரக்சைடின் வியாபாரப் பெயர் என்ன?

80688. Jackson flagrantly disregarded a previous Supreme Court ruling when he

80689. Percentage of lactose in human milk is -

80690. Convert BCD 0001 0010 0110 to binary.

80691. In a demographic cycle,Late expanding stage indicates

80692. Which of the following drugs is having the least oral bioavailability

80693. Which of the following organization / agencies has given the estimate that the India will be third largest FDI recipient in 2010-12?

80694. எல்லோரா கலைக்கோவில்கள் இருக்கும் இடம் எது?

80695. डिसेंबर 2011 मध्ये भारताच्या पूर्व किनारपट्टीवर कोणत्या चक्रीवादळाने थैमान घातले ?

80696. Public Enterprises in India have developed only in -

80697. Which of the following medals did Norbert Wiener receive in 1956?

80698. The ________ is defined as the time the output is active divided by the total period of the output signal.

80699. Who of the following presidents of USA was born in New Hampshire?

80700. मराठी साम्राज्यातील नाणी व चलन ' ह्या निबंधाचे लेखन कोणी केले ?

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