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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1594

79701. For the free settling of a spherical particle through a fluid, the slope of, CD-log NRe , plot is

79702. What role does enzyme pepsin play?

79703. Which statement is correct?

79704. Characteristic problem in females taking Nor-ethisterone is:

79705. What is the total number of teeth of an elephant?

79706. திறனின் அலகு எவ்வாறு அழைக்கப்படுகிறது?

79707. A, Band C enter into a partnership with a capital in which A\'s contribution is Rs. 10000. If out of a total profit of Rs. 1000, A gets Rs. 500 and B gets Rs. 300, then C\'s capital is :

79708. Medium acid foods with a pH between 5.3 and 4.5 are likely to undergo

79709. Which are the two Indian apparel brands that come up with 100 percent organic lines made of cotton, linen and natural dyes, in an effort to do their bit for the environment and also to spread awareness among consumers?

79710. In electrolysis the very high current is passed which is equal to

79711. Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion is diagnosed by all of the following except -

79712. Where was Emma Lazarus born?

79713. Colonies resembling molar teeth are produced by

79714. Chyme is propelled forward in small intestine by -

79715. आप इंटरनेट से निम्न मे से क्या-क्या कर सकते हैं ?

79716. cot(α - β) =

79717. २ मार्च , १९३०मध्ये नाशिक येथे मंदिर प्रवेश सत्याग्रहाचे रणशिंग कोणी फुंकले ?

79718. Which of these is not a sign of increased ICT -

79719. MCQ Considering facts about Atlantic ocean, the area between Africa and South America is known as

79720. Abhas, 24yrs, back from leisure trip has swollen knee joint and foreign body sensation in both eyes.Probable cause is-

79721. “New Comment” option can be found under _________ tab

79722. திரவங்களின் அழுத்தம் அவற்றின் ................... பொருத்தது?

79723. Which of the following statements are correct about Inheritance in C#.NET? 1.A derived class object contains all the base class data. 2.Inheritance cannot suppress the base class functionality. 3.A derived class may not be able to access

79724. राजस्थान भर में अपनी तरह की अनूठी एवं दूर-दूर तक मशहूर पत्थरमार होली आदिवासी बहुल वागड़ के भीलूड़ा गाँव में खेली जाती है जिसमें लोग रंग-गुलाल और अबीर की बजाय एक-दूसरे पर पत्थरों की जमकर बारिश कर होली मनाते हैं। इस गांव की युगों पुरानी परम्परा के अनुसार धुलेड़ी पर्व के दिन शाम को इसका रोमांचक नज़ारा रह-रह कर साहस और शौर्य का दिग्दर्शन कराता है। स्थानीय भाषा राजस्थान की इस महत्वपूर्ण वन उपज को ‘टिमरू’ कहते हैं।

79725. தென் இந்தியாவின் மான்செஸ்டர்?

79726. The SI Unit for current is

79727. There should be a visible gap between the wall and the ________ line.

79728. Who among the following is the recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke Award?

79729. Lymphnode metastasis is a common feature with the following variant of soft tissue sarcoma:

79730. One Dive' is the name of Cloud Computing Service of which one of the following companies?

79731. The sequence of development of puberty in girls is:

79732. Where was Joseph Conrad born?

79733. An electric current which flows steadily in one direction is:

79734. Aromatic compounds are called as

79735. Which novel of Joseph Conrad is set in Congo?

79736. राज्य लोकसेवा आयोगास आपल्या कामाचा वार्षिक अहवाल खालीलपौकी कोणत्या अनुच्छेदानुसार सादर करणे हे आयोगाचे कर्तव्य असते

79737. भारताच्या राष्ट्रपतीला कोणते कार्य करण्याकरिता मंत्रिमंडळाच्या सल्ल्याची आवश्यकता भासत नाही ?

79738. Which device can understand difference between Data and programs?

79739. To which party did David Lloyd George belong?

79740. The enzyme that joins DNA cuts is called

79741. Which of the following is fundamentally the Rh factor?

79742. टॅमी फ्लू ' ह्या औषधाचा वापर कोणत्या आजारात केला जातो?

79743. Among West Bengal's districts, the lowest human Development index is recorded for -

79744. कृषी विकासासाठी केल्या जाणाऱ्या पतपुरवठ्याच्या वितरणाचे किती स्तर आहेत ? 

79745. Considering non personal communication channels, the radio and television are considered as

79746. निम्न में से कौन-सा युग्म सुमेलित है ?

79747. घटकराज्याचा राज्यपाल , विधानसभा ,विधानपरिषद मिळून घटकराज्याचे कायदेमंडळ तयार होईल असे घटनेच्या कोणत्या कलमात सांगितले आहे ?

79748. Which of the following is the correct way to obtain the number of elements present in the array given below? int[] intMyArr = {25, 30, 45, 15, 60}; 1.intMyArr.GetMax; 2.intMyArr.Highest(); 3.intMyArr.GetUpperBound(); 4.intMyArr.Length

79749. When did Melvin Schwartz die?

79750. विपरीत दिशा में चल रही दो रेलगाडिय़ों की गति क्रमश: 54 एवं 36 किमी. प्रतिघंटा है। वे दोनों एक दूसरे को दस सेकेण्ड में पार कर जाती हैं। यदि दोनों रेलगाडिय़ों की लंबाई 2:3 हो तो पहली रेलगाड़ी की लंबाई कितनी होगी?

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