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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1574

78701. A 470 ohm resistor, a 220 ohm resistor, and a 100 ohm resistor are all in parallel. The total resistance is approximately

78702. झारखण्ड में दुधवा पक्षी विहार कहॉं स्थित हैं ?

78703. System files allocated at

78704. John Marshall’s Supreme Court rulings generally

78705. Hydraulic intensifier is used for increasing the

78706. Which of the following statements is correct?

78707. Which Sultan of Delhi shifted his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad?

78708. Forced recirculation of furnace gases is practised

78709. Which of the following is not a micro computer?

78710. Difference between λ gt 10 and λ gt 11 vectors is that

78711. The current in a circuit if resistance of 15Ω and potential difference of 3.0 V is applied across it's ends is

78712. मीर जाफर यास नवाब पदावरुन दूर करण्याचे लॉड क्लाईव्हने का ठरविले

78713. All of the following are suitable anaesthetic circuits for both controlled and assisted ventilation except

78714. __________ is a copolymer.

78715. Making a fit between company's competitive aims and each department's plan is

78716. इब्राहिम लोदी से किस तोमर वंश के शासक ने संघर्ष किया था ?

78717. Considering the theories of motivation, the comparison of what the individual receives and what the individual perceives is classified as

78718. In previous ANSI standards, a blind hole dimension would have to contain which designation?

78719. Reserve Bank of India was nationalized in

78720. The bacteria, which is more resistant to adverse environmental conditions, is

78721. Worldwide trade is

78722. குப்த பேரரசை நிறுவியவர்?

78723. A magnesium wire resists 2.5 Ω at ice point and 10 Ω at steam point, and the resistance of wire is 4 Ω the room temperature would be

78724. बंजारा ही भटकी जमात वेगवेगळ्या राज्यांत वेगवेळ्या नावाने परिचित आहे, खालीलपौकी कुठले नाव बंजारा या भटक्या जमातीसाठी वापरले जात नाही

78725. Which of the following organizations prepares topographical maps of India?

78726. The major element of secondary structure in myoglobin and hemoglobin is

78727. Avogadro number is the number of molecules in one __________ of a gas.

78728. Garlic is an example of

78729. When the speed at which a conductor is moved through a magnetic field is increased, the induced voltage

78730. Which of the antibiotic is not used as a food preservative ?

78731. Chronic granulomatous disease results from a failure to perform oxidative burst. This deficiency would be most likely to interfere with

78732. Most common causes of seizures in newborn is -

78733. Plants absorb dissolved nitrates from soil and convert them into

78734. In the word Lysosomes, lyso means splitting and soma means

78735. In equation the symbol 'aq' represents

78736. Normal planes in a three-view drawing will appear as:

78737. The Eighteenth Amendment

78738. உலோகத் தாது கலீனாவில் ( GALENA ) ............. உள்ளது?

78739. Which of the following is not true of SQL views?

78740. खालीलपैकी कोणती आवळ्याची जात आहे?

78741. Laser welding is widely employed in the __________ industries.

78742. All the following lung volumes can be measured by a simple spirometer except -

78743. அன்னப்பழரனா யோஜனா எப்போது தொடங்கப்பட்டது?

78744. Cushing syndrome is not seen in -

78745. Pre-requisites for forceps delivery are all except -

78746. Consider the reactants: HNO3 and BaSO3

78747. The prefix naming as FEMTO has a factor of

78748. In RNA, gene during processing undergoes all, except -

78749. True about isoenzymes is/are -

78750. Base units of physical quantities given by the system international are

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