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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1566

78301. The writer of the book 'India's Second Freedom' is -

78302. The United Nations Development Programme was established in

78303. Asymptomatic carriage of gonococcal infection in female is commonly seen in:

78304. Alpha1 Antitrysin deficiency is associated with all except -

78305. Akbar was the first Muslim ruler to introduce

78306. Syncytial osteoclastic giant cells are seen in all except:

78307. A child with Acute myeloid Leukemia presents with Hyperleukocytosis.Treatment includes all of the following , Except:

78308. அக்குபஞ்சர் என்பது என்ன?

78309. A reactor is generally termed as an autoclave, when it is a

78310. किसी राशि पर 5% वार्षिक की दर से 3 वर्षों में प्राप्त साधारण ब्याजों में 42 रू. का अन्तर है तो वह राशि है ?

78311. The time consumed to deliver a complete order to its customers is classified as

78312. In a circular pond a fish starts from a point on the edge, swims 600 meters due north to reach another point on the edge, turns east and swims 800 meters to reach yet another point on the edge. The diameter of the pond is -

78313. जर एखाद्या वस्तूची खरेदी किंमत व विक्री किंमत अनुक्रमे २० व २५ रुपये इतकी असेल, तर शेकडा नफ्याचे प्रमाण किती ?

78314. In career development, assessing your own career interests is included in

78315. पाण्याचा ताण सहन करणारे, कडक थंडीत येणारे व विम्ल जमिनीत येणारे कोणते तृणधान्य भारतात घेतात ? 

78316. കേരളത്തിലെ ഏറ്റവും വലിയ ജലസംഭരണി? [Keralatthile ettavum valiya jalasambharani? ]

78317. the demand for heavy loans can cause

78318. Presence of pesticides and herbicides can be tested through

78319. महाराष्ट्रात सर्वात जास्त आदिवासी जाती व जमाती ... जिल्ह्यात आहेत.

78320. The beam of electrons can be produced with the help of

78321. Which of the following is the petroleum wax?

78322. Most Radiosensitive ovarian tumor is -

78323. ക്ലോണിങ്ങിലൂടെ പിറന്ന ആടിന്റെ പേരെന്ത് ? [Kloningiloode piranna aadinte perenthu ? ]

78324. The systematic way of linking group of indirect cost to a cost object is classified as

78325. मराठीमधील पहिली इलेक्ट्रॉनिक बहुमाध्यम कादंबरी ' कुहू ' ची निर्माती ___________ आहे .

78326. भारतात सर्वाधीक ATM व शाखा असलेली बँक कोणती ?

78327. The 'Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line' targets customers seeking elegant ambiance for holidays is example of

78328. A data manipulation command the combines the records from one or more tables is called

78329. Your evaluation shows the beneits out weight costs for a proposed system. Select the best fit foranswer :

78330. All of the following are morphologic feature of apoptosis EXCEPT -

78331. 2010 ലെ ഏഷ്യന്‍ ഗെയിംസില്‍ അത്‌ലറ്റിക്‌സില്‍ സ്വര്‍ണ്ണമെഡല്‍ നേടിയ വനിത? [2010 le eshyan‍ geyimsil‍ athlattiksil‍ svar‍nnamedal‍ nediya vanitha? ]

78332. Dryness factor of steam is defined as the ratio of the mass of vapor in the mixture to the mass of the mixture. Dryness factor of steam is measured by a __________ calorimeter.

78333. நுண்ணியிரியலின் தந்தை எனப்படுபவர்?

78334. Solvent used for dewaxing of petroleum products are

78335. क्रांतिकारकांचा मागण्यासाठी..........या क्रांतीकारकाने उपोषण करून १३ सेप्टेंबर१९२९ रोजी प्राणत्याग केला.

78336. The recently launched Oceansat-II satellite was launched by which launch vehicle of ISRO

78337. இரத்தம் உறைதலுக்கு இன்றியமையாதது?

78338. A six year old female presents with constipation and urinary retention.On examination a presacral mass is noted.Most probable diagnosis is -

78339. What is the maximum number of different amino acids in a polypeptide chain coded by the synthetic polyribonucleotides (UCAG)5?

78340. Very small pressure difference (< 5 mm water coloumn) can be most conveniently measured by a/an __________ manometer.

78341.  बारडोली सत्याग्रहाने भारताला कोणता नेता दिला ?

78342. தே - என்னும் ஓரெழுத்து ஒரு மொழிக்குரிய பொருள் யாது?

78343. What do we call the manipulation of an analog signal in a digital domain?

78344. Most transplant lymphoma is most associated with -

78345. Black and Blue

78346. मनोज और विक्रम दोनों मिलकर किसी काम को 12 दिन में करते हैं | मनोज अकेला उस काम को 20 दिन में पूरा कर सकता है | अब यदि विक्रम प्रतिदिन केवल आधा दिवस ही काम करता है | तो मनोज और विक्रम मिलकर अब उस काम को कितने दिन में कर सकते हैं ?

78347. What is the effect of moderate exercise on cerebral blood flow?

78348. pH value of soil is maintained at __________ by the addition of fertiliser for optimum growth and health of the plant.

78349. Epiglottitis in a 2 year old child occurs most commonly due to infection with -

78350. Where did Robert E. Lee surrender to Ulysses Grant on 9 April 1865?

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