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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1546

77301. Which metal is not used as electromagnet?

77302. The penetration power of neutrons is

77303. Gametophyte doesn't undergo reshuffling of genes because gamates are produced by

77304. Ethanol is made undrinkable by addition of

77305. Amnesty International is

77306. "तुम्ही आता यावे" -प्रयोग ओळखा

77307. 13. "മനസ്സാണ് ദൈവം" എന്നു പ്രഖ്യാപിച്ച കേരളീയ പരിഷ്‌ക്കര്‍ത്താവാര്? [13. "manasaanu dyvam" ennu prakhyaapiccha keraleeya parishkkar‍tthaavaar? ]

77308. Study of chemical kinetics is the easiest in the case of __________ reactions.

77309. लोकशाहीची प्रसिध्द व्याख्या "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." कोणी लिहिली?

77310. Who was the first African American to serve on the Supreme Court?

77311. Aravalli ranges are an example of

77312. DOC for absence seizures -

77313. The sensory system that has the most direct connection to brain is ?

77314. For every relationship, how many possible types of actions are there when enforcing minimum cardinalities?

77315. Who among the following bagged the Santosh Trophy of Football?

77316. An international movement with its motto to save the world by involving itself with environmental problems is

77317. The capital of andhra pradesh...

77318. રાષ્ટ્રપતિ બનવા માટે નીચેનામાંથી કઇ લાયકાતનો સમાવેશ થતો નથી ?

77319. महाराष्ट्रात 1993 च्या किल्लारी भूकंपग्रस्त लोंकाचे प्रश्न सोडविण्यासाठी कोणत्या स्वयंसेवी संस्थेने केली

77320. உலகிலேயே இந்தியாவில் அதிகமாக கிடைக்கும் தாது?

77321. 1562 ई. में किस मुगल शासक ने युद्धबन्दियों को मुसलमान बनाने की प्रथा को समाप्त किया था ?

77322. In a split phase motor, the ratio of number of turns for starting winding to that for running winding is

77323. Which of the following has X-linked recessive inheritance ?

77324. हाल ही में कितने भारतीय युवा विद्वानों को "महर्षि बादरायण व्यास सम्मान" प्राप्त हुआ है ?

77325. Which of the following is a Fundamental Right as provided under Part III of the Constitution?

77326. Selective alpha1-A blocker is:

77327. The layer of atmosphere in which the Ozone layer lies is

77328. A monument resembling the Taj Mahal was got created by Aurangzeb in -

77329. காடுகளை அழிப்பதால் கீழ்கண்டவற்றுள் எவை நடைபெறுகிறது?

77330. How many items are contained in the Union List ?

77331. डांगी ब्रीड हे मूळचे . . . .या राज्यातील आहे

77332. The retail stores such as Wal-Mart and Target are examples of

77333. मॉडेम किसके जुड़ा होता हैं ?

77334. True about corneum lucidum -

77335. Complications of gallstones include the following except for -

77336. When did Edith Wharton die?

77337. T/t of alcohol withdrawl -

77338. In extreme weather conditions oxygen reacts with nitrogen to form

77339. १९१५ साली डॉ. आंबेडकर यांनी 'प्राचीन भारतातील व्यापार' (Trade in Ancient India) हा प्रबंध कोलंबिया विद्यापीठात सदर करून ................पदवी संपादन केली.

77340. किस देश में सबसे अधिक जनसंख्या हैं ?

77341. _____ transforms one interface into another interface

77342. Cells which no longer divide (such as certain specialized cells found in the human brain) remain in which phase of the cell cycle?

77343. In the context of freedom struggle, October 16, 1905 is well known for which one of the following reasons?

77344. अलीकडेच निधन पावलेले उस्ताद सुलतान खान कोणत्या वाद्याचे विख्यात वादकम्हणून प्रसिध्द होते ?

77345. The largest gland in the body is

77346. Protein A is found in cell wall of

77347. दक्षिण भारतातील सर्वात उंच शिखर कोणते .

77348. अफेलीओन म्हणजे ...

77349. The markets in which the goods are bought for production processes by the business owners are called

77350. स्पेक्ट्रम किसे कहते है?

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