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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1525

76251. A person on a fat free carbohtdrate rich diet continues to grow obese.Which of the following lipoproteins is likely to be elevated in his blood?

76252. सध्या UNO चे महासचिव कोण आहे.

76253. 'गुलामगिरी' ह्या प्रसिध्द ग्रंथाचे लेखक कोण ?

76254. वर्तमान में उत्तर प्रदेश की पंचायती राज-व्यवस्था कितने स्तरीय है ?

76255. Which statement is true about assertions in the Java programming language?

76256. Trypsin cleaves -

76257. Pulsus alternans is seen in -

76258. Specific rate constant for a second order reaction

76259. One who possesses many talents

76260. The organization 's buying behaviors of raw materials for production purposes is called

76261. Larger length & diameter water pipes are made by

76262. All of the following muscles retract the scapula except

76263. Features associated with DNS include all of the following except:

76264. Administration of which drug may lead to neuropsychiatric symptoms -

76265. A large toxic retrosternal goiter is best treated by -

76266. Post lumbar Puncture headache can be minimized by all except -

76267. विश्व में निकिल का सबसे महत्वपूर्ण उत्पादक कौन है?

76268. The form of market efficiency in which stock current prices reflects the volume information and historic prices of company is classified as

76269. Most important feature of diabetic retinopathy is

76270. Petroleum Ministry has raised the cap subsidized LPG cylinders -

76271. How does the Sun get its energy?

76272. If a group of 24 men working 8 hrs a day can complete building a wall in 12 days then in how many days 16 men working 6 hrs a day can complete 3 such walls?

76273. मध्यप्रदेश में पैदा होने वाली फसलों का सही क्रम बताओ ?

76274. बैलाडला का लौह-अयस्क निम्न में से किस बन्दरगाह द्वारा निर्यात किया जाता है?

76275. An important river of the Indian desert is

76276. பனிக்கட்டி தண்ணீரில் மிதக்கக் காரணம்?

76277. एक वस्तु को 700 रू. में बेचने पर 20% की हनि होती है |उस वस्तु पर 20 % लाभ कमाने के लिए उसे कितने में बेचना चाहिए ?

76278. राज्य में प्रथम खनिज नीति कब घोषित की गई थी ?

76279. Which of the following is the most favourable condition for the reaction of nitrogen with hydrogen of form ammonia?

76280. मोरनी पहाडियों की औसत उँचाई है

76281. அக்பர் குஜராத்தை வென்ற ஆண்டு?

76282. Femittizing tumor of the ovary is

76283. Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan Yojana is associated with—

76284. When did Utah become a state of USA?

76285. Tunga Bhadra is a tributary of -

76286. A centromere is

76287. Mott and Wheeler test is conducted on coke to find its

76288. After the advice of his father, he was reconciled ------------his wife.

76289. Which of the following is drained directly to deep inguinal lymph nodes -

76290. Which eminent Indian journalist has been appointed as the editor of Time International in March 2013?

76291. Who are the main producers in an ecosystem?

76292. Most common site of Leomyoma is:

76293. Which of the following is a Horticulture Crop ?

76294. Which among the following is a river port?

76295. பொருள் ஒன்று ஓய்வு நிலையிலிருந்து இயங்கத் தொடங்குகிறது. இரண்டு வினாடிகளுக்குப் பின்னர், பொருள் அடையும் முடுக்கானது, அதன் இடப்பெயர்ச்சியைப் போல .............. மடங்கு ஆகும்?

76296. गव्हाचे सर्वाधिक उत्पन्न देणारे भारतातील ... हे राज्य आहे .

76297. The European Union was established in

76298. A ______________ sweep is dependent on the location of the axis/vector relative to the profile

76299. Which of the following theory of antibody production is most widely accepted?

76300. A study report entitled ‘India Generation Gap Review’ was presented at the World Economic Forum in November 200 This was presented during which of the following summits/conferences ?

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