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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1430

71501. When an acid is added to alkali, the product is

71502. The tertiary structure of protein is detected by

71503. ऋग्वेद का कौनसे भाग में विश्व की उत्पति का उल्लेख मिलता हैं ?

71504. 1550 ई. में उत्तर प्रदेश के किस शहर में अबुल फजल का जन्म हुआ था ?

71505. The climate region with high temperature, through out the year and heavy rainfall is

71506. Satisfaction with co-workers, promotion opportunities, the nature of work, and pay goes with high performance among those with strong growth needs. Among those with weak growth needs, no such relationship is present - and, in fact, satisfaction with promotion opportunities goes with low performance. This passage best supports the statement that:

71507. An induction meter can handle current upto

71508. LCD என்பதன் விரிவாக்கம் என்ன?

71509. दामोदर खोरे प्रकल्पाची रचना अमेरिकेतील कोणत्या प्रसिद्ध प्रकल्पाच्या धर्तीवर करण्यात आली आहे?

71510. For domestic sewing machine the size of the motor required will be

71511. Which of the following is a non-economic cause of poverty ?

71512. १६ वे नवोदित मराठी साहित्य संमेलन कोठे भरविण्यात आले होते?

71513. Which one of the following stands at first rank in the list of top 10 steel producers in the world ?

71514. The company focuses on product improvements on continuous basis in the marketing concept called

71515. സൂര്യപ്രകാശത്തെ ഏറ്റവും അധികം പ്രതിഫലിപ്പിക്കുന്ന ഗ്രഹം? [Sooryaprakaashatthe ettavum adhikam prathiphalippikkunna graham? ]

71516. भारत का महान्यायवादी कब तक पद धारण कर सकता है ?

71517. निम्नलिखित प्रश्न में एक शब्द देकर उसके आगे 4 अन्य शब्द दिए गए हैं | इनमें से एक दिए गए शब्द के अक्षरों द्वारा नहीं लिखा जा सकता | वह शब्द पहचाने | SIGNATURE

71518. The benefits of object-oriented modeling are which of the following?

71519. १९व्या शतकातील सुर्यपुराण साहित्याचा लेखक कोण होता?

71520. The mode is the best measure of tendency if the analysis is

71521. Which of the following is/are the sexual spore?

71522. The position of Indian Railways network in the world is

71523. तमन्चाशाही सिक्का किस रियासत की टकसाल से जारी हुआकरता था?

71524. बलुतेदारी पद्धतीमध्ये 'सुतार ' या व्यावसायिकास काय म्हणत?

71525. The election of the UN General Assembly took place on October 17th 2008 in which five countries were elected non-permanent members of the UN Security Council. Which of the following in not one of them?

71526. An 8 year old boy presents with a well defined annular lesion over the buttock with central scarring that is gradually progressing over the last 8 months.The diagnosis is:

71527. Which college did Edmond Halley attend?

71528. Which spacecraft returned the first photographs of the surface of Venus?

71529. The right held with the employees which allows them to receive the benefits of pension from their pension plans is classified as

71530. Human serum albumin has been synthesized by

71531. Causes of heart failure in newborn are all except:

71532. मध्यप्रदेश में किस युग की चट्टानों के साक्ष्य नहीं मिलते हैं ?

71533. The mass number of an atom is equal to

71534. Insulin is an __________ drug.

71535. From among the following, choose one which is not an exothermic process.

71536. The lateral plate mesoderm is splitted into

71537. Identify the valid conclusion from the premises Pv Q, Q → R, P → M, Ë¥M

71538. किस मुगल शासक के समय में फ्रांसीसी यात्री बर्नियर हिमाचल प्रदेश में आया था ?

71539. Porto-caval anastomosis is seen between

71540. The overlapping of steps for more efficient and effective product development with closely working departments is classified as

71541. In order to convert fractional inches into decimal inches ________.

71542. Convert decimal 64 to binary.

71543. Fixation of Hysteria is -

71544. Role of 2, 3 DPG in hemoglobin -

71545. Hypomagnesemia Co-exists with -

71546. When did France send troops into the Ruhr in response to Germany's default on reparations payments?

71547. Zircon refractories have

71548. Excessive intake of which of these causes necrosis of PCT -

71549. The type of risk in which the value of liabilities and assets is affected by the exchange rate is classified as

71550. The number of observations are 11 and the value of arithmetic mean is 19 then sum of all values is

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