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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1382

69101. If there is a tuft of flagella on both two poles of bacteria, it is called as

69102. Two gas based fertiliser plants are located in

69103. If a winemaker wanted to make a deeply colored red wine, which of the following should not be done?

69104. The most toxic compounds is

69105. The movement in India which became popular during the first World War was the-

69106. Miss World 2011 Ivian Sarcos is from -

69107. MCQ In September equinox, the season on the north of the equator is

69108. In how many ways a committee, consisting of 5 men and 6 women can be formed from 8 men and 10 women?

69109. Which one of the following statement of Genitofemoral nerve is FALSE ?

69110. The object-oriented development life cycle is which of the following?

69111. झारखंड में वर्षा किस मानसून से होती है ?

69112. A cistern has a leak which would empty it in 8 hours. A tap is turned on, which admits 6 liters a minute into the cistern and it is now emptied in 12 hours. How many liters does the cistern hold?

69113. As a component of ORS,function of glucose is:

69114. Common cause of chronic renal failure is -

69115. Let G denoted the set of all n x n non-singular matrices with rational numbers as entries. Then under multiplication G is a/an

69116. Which of the following is not a jump instruction?

69117. Which of the followings are short day crops 7

69118. who has been named PGA Tour Player of the Year?

69119. கீழ்க்கண்டவற்றில் எது ஹார்மோன் இல்லை?

69120. He said, "May God bless you."

69121. When did Harold Wilson die?

69122. मृदा परिच्छेदिका A - संस्तर से नीचे की ओर गतिशील पदार्थो का B - संस्तर मे एकत्रण क्या कहलाता है?

69123. Which of the following storage media provides sequential access only ?

69124. Full electron shells near to nucleus has effect on outer shell electrons of

69125. Delirium and schizophreinia differ from each other by -

69126. Disposable materials are sterilized by

69127. மூளையில் உள்ள சவ்வுகளின் இடையில் காணப்படுவது?

69128. The solution set of x2 + 4x - 437 = 0 is

69129. Gonococcus does not involve -

69130. நுண்ணியிரி தொழில் நுட்பத்தின் மூலம் தயாரிக்க முடியாத கரிம அமிலத்துடன் பொருந்தாதது எது?

69131. The Stoke\'s stream function applies to the

69132. The maximum limit of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in public sector banking is—

69133. When was Magna Carta signed?

69134. When was the voting day for USA Presidential Election 2008?

69135. When carbon monoxide is used to reduce an ore as in a blast furnace, it is converted to __________.

69136. Nip in the bud

69137. An 8 year old boy with a history of fall from 10 feet height complains of pain in the right ankle.X-ray taken at that time are normal without any fracture line.But after 2 years,he developed a calcaneovalgus deformity.The diagnosis is:

69138. The headquarter of International Fund for Agricultural Development is located in

69139. Who was that messenger?

69140. Where was Muriel Spark born?

69141. Using ODL, you can define which of the following?

69142. थाइलैण्ड का फूकेत प्रसिद्ध है ?

69143. In a patient with myocardial infarction the valvular lesion commonly seen in:

69144. Perimetry is a test to assess the -

69145. What is the time difference between India standard Time and Greenwich Meridian?

69146. When there is a un true statement in a prospectus who can sue

69147. The British Government declared for the first time that their intention in India is to gradually establish responsible government through

69148. A pt.presented in casualty with a history of sudden palpitation,sensation of impending doom and constriction in his chest.This lasted for about 10-15 minutes after which he become all right the diagnosis is likely to be:

69149. Where was I.G. Farbenindustrie (Bayer) Laboratory for Experimental Pathology and Bacteriology of which Gerhard Domagk was director?

69150. The joint session of both Houses of Parliament is presided over by -

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