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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1346

67301. All are true about estrogen except -

67302. A bacterial food intoxication refers to

67303. எந்த நொதி காம்ப்ளக்ஸ் கொழுப்பினை சிறிய மூலக்கூறாக மாற்றுகிறது?

67304. When steam is passed over coal resulting in the endothermic reaction represent by, C H2O = CO H2, it is called the __________ of coal.

67305. Draughtsman appearance phenomenon is characteristic feature of -

67306. At __________ point, all the three phases (i.e.solid, liquid and gas) co-exist.

67307. The largest part of our hydrosphere is -

67308. As per the news reports in various news papers the USA has outlined some major policy goals to prevent the danger of nuclear terrorism. Which of the following is/are included in those policy goals ? Convene a nuclear security summit within a year’s time under the leadership of the USA. A new agreement/pact should be introduced in place of present Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Call for a global effort to secure all nuclear weapons at all vulnerable sites all over the world.

67309. The process in which solid is directly converted to vapors state is called

67310. In an axonometric drawing, the projection rays are drawn _________ to each other and _______ to the plane of projection.

67311. Find correct sequence of sentences : P: who are very hygiene-conscious Q: soaked for about five minutes R: some tomato ketchup manufacturers S: require the fruits to be

67312. Among the following cities, which one is nearest to the Tropic of Cancer?

67313. The cocci which forms a bunch and irregular pattern are

67314. जापान का सबसे बडा प्राकृतिक बन्दरगाह है?

67315. हड़प्पावासी किस फसल से अनभिज्ञ थें ?

67316. The rate-determining step of Michaelis Menten kinetics is

67317. A man,35 yrs of age complains of poor near vision Distant vision is normal.Retinoscopy at 1 meter shows 2D spherical lens.He has:

67318. മാവിൻപു എന്നത് ? [ maavinpu ennathu ? ]

67319. A ....is a pointing device

67320. Which of the following rivers is referred to as 'Dakshin Ganga'?

67321. Not only did she condemn vice, she almost equally despised the -------------acceptance of an advantage.

67322. Presence of even 0.005% of __________ in copper makes it highly brittle, rendering it useless for wire-drawing.

67323. Which feature do you use to create a newspaper like document?

67324. मुगलकाल में कारोमंडल तट किस उद्योग के लिए विख्यात था ?

67325. During meiosis crossing over takes place at

67326. Among the biotic components of the ecosystem, the producer system is -

67327. Electrons which are free to move around are also called

67328. What is the power loss of a 100 ohm resistor that develops 5 V acrossit?

67329. Different DNA polymerases play distinct roles in DNA replication and repair in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. All known DNA polymerases synthesize DNA only in the __________ by the addition of dNTPs to a performed primer strand of DNA.

67330. Exocytosis is the secretion of proteins

67331. Plants absorbs nitrate ions essential for growth and make

67332. Too much false positives in a test is due to which of the following-

67333. When did Marie Curie go to Paris?

67334. What is not true regarding membranous nephropathy -

67335. The crushed grapes used for wine manufacturing are also known as

67336. The methods used for biological treatment are

67337. Which of the following is an unmatching group?

67338. पचमढ़ी से सम्बन्धित स्थान हैं ?

67339. sinθ=cosθ எனில் tanθ= ?

67340. மனிதனின் கல்லீரலில் சுரக்கப்படுவது?

67341. பாரத ஸ்டேட் வங்கியின் பழைய பெயர்?

67342. Moving electric charges will interact with

67343. हरियाणा में शराब बन्द के कानून को कब समाप्त किया गया ?

67344. .. रिक्वेस्टेड डाटा पर सीधे "जम्प" करने की डिवाइस की क्षमता है |

67345. The Eisenhower Doctrine was aimed at bolstering key nations from Communist insurgents in

67346. When the fermentation of fructose results in the bitter product mannitol, the fermentation is sometime termed as-

67347. The prefix form of A-B/ (C * D ^ E) is,

67348. As on April 1, 2011 status, Geological Survey of India has estimated coal reserves in the country at-

67349. கேத்தோடுக் கதிர்கள் என்பன?

67350. "काबर" व "मार" राज्य की स्थानीय भाषा में किस मिट्टी को कहॉं जाता हैं ?

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