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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1287

64351. Which phage always carries a small piece of E.coli genome?

64352. The concept of "Minimum Needs" was an innovation of which one of the following Five Year Plans?

64353. A boat running upstream takes 8 hours 48 minutes to cover a certain distance, while it takes 4 hours to cover the same distance running downstream. What is the ratio between the speed of the boat and speed of the water current respectively?

64354. Recalcitrant seeds are

64355. When was The Tenant of Wildfell Hall published?

64356. According to WHO criteria,the minimum normal sperm count is:

64357. निम्नलिखित में से कौन-सी परियोजना वर्ल्ड बैंक की सहायता से चलायी जा रही है ?

64358. What is the tool in Word that copies only the format of selected text so that you can apply on other text?

64359. Pulmonary edema with normal PCWP is found in:

64360. What did Santiago Ramon y Cajal teach at Valencia University?

64361. Which of the following exercised the most profound influence in framing the Indian Constitution ?

64362. Molarity is defined as the number of gm moles of solute per __________ of solvent.

64363. Lesion in T7 spine,involved spinal segment is:

64364.  Rulers of which of the following dynasties maintained diplomatic relations with distant countries such as Syria in the West ?

64365. நமது உடலில் நோய்க்கிருமிகளை எதிர்த்துப் போராடுதுவது?

64366. Which one of the following statements about influence of smoking on risk of coronary heart disease(CHD) is not true?

64367. The pests are destroyed by using living organism is attributed to the process of

64368. The theorem which states that as the sample size increases the sampling distribution must approach the normal distribution is classified as

64369. The film 'Kai Po Che' is based on the novel -

64370. Which of the following amendments in the Constitution of India are related with the institution of "Panchayat Raj"? (A) 106th (B) 100th (C) 73rd (D) 74th

64371. Who amongst the following was the chairperson of the ‘Working Group on Benchmark Prime Lending Rate (BPLR)’constituted by the Reserve Bank of India

64372. ஈசல்கள் உயிர்வாழும் காலம்?

64373. ज्या खटल्यामध्ये घटक राज्य एक पक्ष आहे अशा खटल्याची कोर्टात बाजू मांडण्याचे कार्य ..........करीत असतात

64374. The International Equipment machine number that is the unique identification number given to each mobile by its manufacturer has been made mandatory in India; in this context the GSM and the CDMA have the IEMN that is technically called (respectively) I International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and; II Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEI)

64375. An autonomous homogenous environment is which of the following?

64376. What is a mixed economy?

64377. A binary tree in which if all its levels except possibly the last, have the maximum number ofnodes and all the nodes at the last level appear as far left as possible, is known as

64378. Periplasm is

64379. Researchers in the UK on April 14, 2014 for the first time announced to conduct a test on patient of artificial blood made from human stem cells by -

64380. நாயின் மோப்ப சக்தி மனிதனை விட எத்தனை மடங்கு அதிகம்?

64381. Most important species of vinegar bacteria causing sliminess is

64382. निम्न मे से किसे राष्ट्रीय भूमि सुधार परिषद्‌ का अध्यक्ष नियुक्त किया गया है ?

64383. All are true regarding corynebacterium diptheria, except -

64384. Amyl nitrite is an antidote for poisoning with -

64385. Who is the first Indian Field Marshal?

64386. எல்நினோ ஏற்படும் போது வெப்ப நிலையானது எந்த கடற்கரையில் மிக வேகமாக அதிகரிக்கிறது?

64387. The diagrams such as cubes and cylinders are classified as

64388. पंचायत समितीच्या एखाधा सदस्याने राजीनामा दिल्यास,गटविकास अधिकारी..........न कळवतो व त्यानंतर निवडुका घेतल्या जातात.

64389. The minimum age at which an individual is responsible for his criminal act is:

64390. The famous novel 'Pride and Prejudice' was written by -

64391. MCQ The muscles that are found in heart to circulate the blood are known as

64392. In a consolidated drained test on a normally consolidated clay, the volume of the soil sample during shear

64393. Which of the following is contraindicated in epilepsy -

64394. Which of the following structures or processes are logically associated with chloroplasts?

64395. Which of the following situations is not governed by

64396. 30 डिसेंबर 2012 पासून आयबी म्हणजेच 'इंटेलिजन्स ब्युरो' अर्थात भारतीय गुप्तवार्ता विभागाच्या च्या प्रमुखपदी कोणाची नियुक्ती झाली आहे ?

64397. Myanmar is the new name of -

64398. Which one among the following metals is used in fireworks to make a brilliant white light?

64399. Red phosphorous is changed into white phosphorous by

64400. Who fired Chester Alan Arthur from the post of Collector of Customs?

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