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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1261

63051. सुनील डिसूजा को किस घर उपकरण निर्माताओं के प्रबंध निदेशक के रूप में नियुक्त किया गया है?

63052. Rachel Carson's famous book, "Silent Spring" refers to -

63053. Lucid interval is associated with

63054. India recently organized sixth ministerial level of Indo-US-TPF. What is fullform of TPF ?

63055. All are seen right side of cardiac shadow in X-ray chest PA view except -

63056. The 'natural forces or factors' are considered in company's environment called

63057. All are prognostic criteria for acute pancreatitis except -

63058. Ctrl,shift and alt are called...... keys.

63059. எத்தனை மின்மினிப்பூச்சிகள் சேர்ந்து ஒளிரும்போது ஒரு மெழுகுவர்த்தி ஒளி கிடைக்கும்?

63060. Which constructor function is designed to copy objects of the same class type?

63061. The type of high refractive index glass used in optical instruments is __________ glass.

63062. Which state is to the west of Maine?

63063. If you use the absolute coordinate system to create a line from a starting point of 0, 0 8 units on the X axis and 5 units on the Y axis you enter ________ for the second point.

63064. यू .जी.सी.अर्थात विद्यापीठ अनुदान आयोगाचे विद्यमान अध्यक्ष कोण आहेत ?

63065. in order to get the product of lead nitrate, the lead oxide shall react with

63066. What should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following equation? 5793 + ? = 19279 - 4358

63067. In E-R Diagram derived attribute are represented by

63068. A 25 year old lady presents with severe sudden onset of pain,corneal congestion,photophobia and deep anterior chamber in the right eye.The left eye is normal.X-ray pelvis shows sacroilitis.The diagnosis is:

63069. समुद्री धाराओ की उत्पत्ति का प्रमुख कारण क्या है?

63070. Storing a separate copy of the database at multiple locations is which of the following?

63071. The specific heat capacity of lead is

63072. Hydrolysis of peptides is aided through the enzyme

63073. The polar diameter of the earth is shorter than its equatorial diameter by

63074. sec(-α) =

63075. Silicone rubber is not resistant to the corrosive action of

63076. All drugs can be used in the treatment of H. Pylori infection except -

63077. The ionization energies is influenced by shielding effect of

63078. Consider buying the put option, if the price is lower at the expiration date of option then the

63079. ________ हे भारतातील गोड्या पाण्याचे सर्वात मोठे सरोवर आहे.

63080. The Proclamation of 1763 was issued primarily in response to

63081. The arithmetic mean is 25 and all the sum of observations is 350 then the number of observations are

63082. The charge on oil droplets can be changed by change of

63083. राजस्थानी गीत ''केसरिया बालम'' किस शैली का गीत है?

63084. Which of the following is one of the basic types of welded joints:

63085. 15000 रू. के बिल के लिए 50% के एक बट्टे तथा दो क्रमिक बट्टों 30% और 20% का अंतर क्या होगा ?

63086. ગેરકાયદેસર મંડલીની વ્યાખ્યા ઇન્ડીયન પીનલ કોડની કઇ કલમથી આપેલ છે ?

63087. On which region of the Soviet Union did Hitler place the highest priority?

63088. Which of the following is considered the most unifying concept in biology?

63089. ஒலிம்பிக் கொடி எந்த நிறத்தால் ஆனது?

63090. Which body is constituted by the President of India to advise on the decision of Central Resources between the centre and the state?

63091. भारतातील पहिल्या वेब टी .व्ही. चे नाव काय?

63092. लहान शेतकरी _____________ या आकारमानाच्या क्षेत्रात मोडतो .

63093. What did Thomas Jefferson’s 1808 Embargo Act do?

63094. These are special installations of stone or concrete marking the locations of points accurately determined by precise surveying:

63095. All of the following are examples of implicit constraints, except:

63096. Anticraving drug used for both smoking and alcohol cessation is ?

63097. Which of the following countries is not a member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) ?

63098. Symptomatic Neonatal CNS involvement is most commonly seen in which group of congenital intrauterine infections

63099. True about branchial anomaly -

63100. Which of the following is a substitute for crystal violet used in gram-staining procedure?

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