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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1230

61501. Where was Samuel Johnson born?

61502. Which of the following has headquarters in Langley, Virginia?

61503. Good conductor of electricity is

61504. 3, 5, 7, 12, 17, 19

61505. An analyst is studying a dry dean enterprise. Assuming that information is available, average variable cost is less then marginal revenue, and a farmer is trying to get the maximum returns above costs, the analyst should recommend that the farmer produce where:

61506. Most common cause of subarachnoid hemorrhage is -

61507. C/H ratio (by weight) of naphtha used in nitrogenous fertiliser making is about

61508. All are used in the treatment of hypercalcemia except -

61509. The largest part of most diets are made up of

61510. My brother is 3 years elder to me. My father was 28 years of age when my sister was born while my mother was 26 years of age when I was bom. If my sister was 4 years of age when my brother was born, then, what was the age of my father and mother resp

61511. The kind of arbitration in which parties are not committed to accept the award of arbitrator is classified as

61512. ______________ ह्या राज्याला दोन राजधान्या आहेत.

61513. निम्नलिखित घटनाओं के बीच जो अंग्रेजों का वर्चस्व भारत में फ्रांसीसी से अधिक की स्थापना की?

61514. स्वयंपाकाच्या गॅस सिलेंडरमध्ये कोणता वायू भरला जातो ?

61515. The oxygen in hemoglobin and myoglobin is bound to

61516. राष्ट्रीय महिला सबलीकरण अभियान 'मिशन पूर्ण शक्ती' ची सुरुवात केव्हा झाली ?

61517. Which is not an option for customizing a datasheet window?

61518. The process in which immediate supervisors gives training and feedback to employees is classified as

61519. பூஜ்ஜியத்தை கண்டுபிடித்தவர்கள்?

61520. The Richmond Bread Riots were the result of

61521. Extrachromosomal genetic materials are called

61522. A 20yrs male presented with acute onset descending paralysis of 3 days duration.There is also a history of blurring of vision for same duration.On examination, the patient has quadriparesis with areflexia.Both the pupils are non reactive.The most likely diagnosis is -

61523. All of the following statement about cadaveric spasm are false except -

61524. When electrons are removed from atom positive ions are

61525. 21 अगस्त, 1944 को संयुक्त राष्ट्र की रूप -रेखा का निर्माण करने के लिए बड़े राष्ट्रों के प्रतिनिधियों का सम्मेलन कहां आयोजित किया गया था ?

61526. एक मोटर साइकिल नियत चाल से 420 किमी. दूरी तय करती है | यदि उसकी चाल 10 किमी./ घण्टे अधिक होती तो वह उसी दूरी को एक घण्टा कम समय में तय करती | मोटर साइकिल की चाल कितनी थी ?

61527. In a inferior wall AMI pt, the best modality of treatment is:

61528. झारखंड राज्य का आकार किसके समान है ?

61529. In investment returns, the amount received is subtracted from amount invested is used to calculate

61530. You have to allocate the addresses to to eth1. You have to edit:

61531. The Right to Property is a?

61532. When did Oregon become a state of USA?

61533. डिफेन्स रिसर्च अँड डेव्हलपमेंट ऑर्गनायझेशनची स्थापना कधी झाली?

61534. भारतीय गुलामगिरीची नवी सनद'असे १९३५ च्या कायधाने वर्णन कोणी केले होते ?

61535. The largest living vertebrates are known to be

61536. Range of hydrogen gas constant volume themometer is __________ °C.

61537. Osteoporosis is seen in all the following except

61538. PKU is a congenital amino acid metabolic disorder. In one of the following rate variants of PKU Dihydro Biopterin synthesis is affected. The enzyme deficient -

61539. In ionic crystals, heat energy is taken in to

61540. ऑस्ट्रेलिया के किस भाग में जनसंख्या का सकेंद्रण सर्वाधिक है?

61541. १४ बँकांच्या राष्ट्रीयकरणाच्या वेळी सर्वात कमी ठेवी कोणत्या बँकेच्या होत्या ?

61542. Which is not an inorganic matter in the following?

61543. Which of the following technology can give high speed RAM?

61544. देश के कितने प्रतिशत टिन अयस्क का उत्पादन छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य से होता है ?

61545. In the WHO recommended EPI Cluster sampling for assessing primary immunization coverage, age group of children to be surveyed is -

61546. பென்சிலின் மருந்தைக் கண்டுபிடித்தவர்?

61547. 0° தீர்க்கக்கோடு என்பது?

61548. ऐसे जीव जिसकी कोशिकाओ में केन्द्रक झिली नही होती है क्या कहलाते है?

61549. Synonym of EXTRAVAGANCE

61550. Badminton is National game of which country?

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