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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1193

59651. 2013 च्या कुंभमेळ्याचे आयोजन कोठे करण्यात येणार आहे?

59652. The hypoblast is mainly presumptive

59653. Mesh indicates the number of holes per

59654. The following resistors are in parallel across a voltage source: 220 ohm , 470 ohm , and 560 ohm . The resistor with the least current is

59655. Defining the factors to be compared is included in

59656. True statement about Gkucokinase is/are -

59657. പുകയിലയില്‍ അടങ്ങിയിരിക്കുന്ന വിഷാംശം. [Pukayilayil‍ adangiyirikkunna vishaamsham. ]

59658. Which book is Edith Wharton’s autobiography?

59659. A lady,while driving a car,meets in an accident.She was admitted in an ICU for 6 months.After being discharged,she often gets up in the night and feels terrified and has fear to sit in a car again.The Diagnosis is:

59660. राज्य में सर्वाधिक उत्पादन निम्न में से किसका है ?

59661. Which framework is provided for the programs to interchange information about Linux OS?

59662. Which of the following is required as a component of blood hemoglobin?

59663. लोकलेखा समितीवर शासनाचे किती प्रतिनिधी नेमलेले असतात.

59664. Patients on amphotericin 'B' therapy may develop signs and symptoms of deficiency of one of the cations. This cation is -

59665. The basic unit of identification is

59666. The graphical diagram in which total number of observations are represented in percentages rather than absolute values is classified as

59667. पुढीलपैकी कोणते विधान योग्‍य आहे. (अ) तांदळावरील खै-या रोग जस्‍त खनिजद्रव्‍याच्‍या अभावामुळे होतो. (ब) पावडरी माईल्‍ड्स हा गव्‍हावरील रोग जमीनीतील पालाशच्‍या अभावामुळे होतो.

59668. A. __________ mill is a revolving mill divided into two or more sections by perforated partitions in which preliminary grinding takes place at one end and the finishing grinding at the discharge end.

59669. Presence of hydronephrosis in staging of carcinoma cervix uterii denotes FIGO disease -

59670. What is not true regarding Bockadolech hernia:

59671. हाल ही में किसे अरुणाचल प्रदेश के 19वें राज्यपाल का पदभार ग्रहण किया है ?

59672. ख्रिस्चन धर्मोपादेश्कांच्या ब्रिटीशांच्या मानवतावादी कार्यामुळे प्रेरित होऊन निघालेलि महाराष्ट्रातील पहिली संस्था म्हणजेच .....

59673. Renin plays important role in -

59674. If Z = 52 and ACT is equal to 48, then BAT will be equal to

59675. How many novels are in Emile Zola’s Les Rougon-Macquart series?

59676. Cognitive decline in old age due to

59677. அணுகுண்டில் பயன்படும் தத்துவம்?

59678. A catalyst inhibitor

59679. न्यायपंचायतीचे कार्यक्षेत्र ........खेडी एवढे असते.

59680. Velocity of escape is equal to

59681. The lines used to create the auxiliary view should appear as ________ in the finished view.

59682. Needing to assess the validity of assumed referential integrity constraints on foreign keys is a(n) ________ of normalization.

59683. High quality music only needs frequencies up to

59684. താഴെ പറയുന്നവയില്‍ ഏതിന്റെ ഉല്പാദനത്തിനാണ് ഇന്ത്യക്ക് ഒന്നാം സ്ഥാനം? [Thaazhe parayunnavayil‍ ethinte ulpaadanatthinaanu inthyakku onnaam sthaanam? ]

59685. एल्फिन्स्टन कॉलेज ची स्थापना केव्हा करण्यात आली .

59686. रेपिटाइल शब्द किस शब्द से बना है?

59687. கதிரியக்கத்தை அளக்க பயன்படும் கருவி?

59688. Pelvic examination is not due in -

59689. How many write cycles are allowed to a EEPROM ?

59690. When did Herbert Henry Asquith die?

59691. நிலத்தில் புதையுண்ட மரங்கள் நிலக்கரியாக மாறுவது?

59692. When did Eugene Paul Wigner become a citizen of USA?

59693. Pick out the wrong unit conversion of calorific value.

59694. A special beer yeast of the bottom type is

59695. In page preview mode………

59696. अनुसूचित बैंकों की परिदत्त पूंजी होती हैं ?

59697. Transfer of pollens from anther to stigma is called as

59698. A patient comes with non-productive cough,hemoptysis and grade III clubbing,Chet X-ray shows upper left zone lesion.The likely cause is-

59699. World\'s worst radioactive pollution was caused by nuclear reactor disaster which occured in

59700. माउंट ताईं (Mount Tai) जो युनेसको ने विश्व-विरासत की सू्ची मे शमिल कर रखा है किस देश मे स्थित है ?

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