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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 117

5851. Which is the most sensitive test for the diagnosis of myasthenia gravis?

5852. To run a compiled Java program, the machine must have what loaded and running?

5853. महाराष्ट्रातील सर्वात मोठा पवन उर्जा प्रकल्प कोणता .

5854. A contact carrier in cholera has the following characteristic

5855. Hepatocellular carcinoma (Hepatoma) may be caused by

5856. Constituents of black gun powder is all except -

5857. राज्यातील पहिले कायम स्वरूपी बालन्यायालय खालील पैकी कोणत्या जिल्ह्यात सुरु करण्यात आले आहे

5858. Acceptable parts must not extend beyond this:

5859. ശാകാരി' എന്ന സ്ഥാനപ്പേര് സ്വീകരിച്ച ഗുപ്തരാജാവ്‌ [Shaakaari' enna sthaanapperu sveekariccha guptharaajaavu ]

5860. Drug used in both type 1 and 2 Diabetes mellitus is ?

5861. Consider the following statements: 1. The Himalayan vegetation varies according to both altitude and climatic conditions 2. There are mainly two types of tropical forests that are found in the Himalayas--the tropical rain forests and the tropical deciduous forests. which of the statements given above is/are correct?

5862. An agreement between two nations or a group of nations which establishes unimpeded exchange and flow of goods and services between/among trade partners regardless of national boundaries is called—

5863. நரம்பு மண்டலத்தின் மையமாக கருதப்படுவது?

5864. Which university’s chair did Wilhelm Ostwald accept?

5865. Which one of the following governments operates on the principle of 'Collective Responsibility'?

5866. A money lender finds that due to a fall in the rate of interest from 8% to 7¾%, his yearly income diminishes by Rs61.50. His capital is:(CAP GEMINI COMPANY)

5867. बाम्बुंच्या लगद्यापासून कागद बनविण्याचा कारखाना येथे .....उभारला गेला .

5868. What is the level of the current through the amplifier input(s) to ground in an op-amp?

5869. உலகின் மிகப்பெரிய தீபகற்ப நாடு?

5870. Jigging is a technique by which different particles can be

5871. Vikram Sarabhai Research Centre is located at -

5872. Speed of sound is maximum in:

5873. Intensifier screens reduces the patient's exposure to x-rays by a factor of

5874. Which of the following is desirable in diesel and kerosene but is undersirable in gasoline ?

5875. Which one of the following is included in the World List of Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO?

5876. 1969 मध्ये राष्ट्रपतींच्या निधनांनतर व त्याचवेळी उपराष्ट्रपतीच्या राजीनाम्यानंतर राष्ट्रपतीचा कार्यभार कोणी स्वीकारली

5877. MCQ The name of the differentiated Asteroid with icy outer crust and rocky core is

5878. If the hydrogen of an acid is fully replaced by a metal, the product is a

5879. पादप हार्मोन साइटोकाइनिन की खोज किसने की थी ?

5880. N, at a speed of 20 km/h reaches his office 10 min late. Next time he increases his speed by 5 km/h, but is still late by 4 min. What is the distance of office from his house?

5881. During autopsy , if spinal cord is to examined what is the most commonly used approach :

5882. एक आदमी तथा एक औरत मिलकर किसी कार्य को 8 दिन में पूरा कर सकते हैं | अकेला आदमी उस कार्य को 10 दिन में पूरा कर सकता है | अकेली औरत उस कार्य को कितने दिन में पूरा कर सकेगी ?

5883. An FSM with__________________

5884. Male mosquitoes take their food from -

5885. Following are the categories of automated system

5886. यदि अरूण उत्तर की ओर अभिमुख होकर सिर के बल खड़ा होता है तो उसका बायाँ हाथ किस दिशा की ओर होगा ?

5887. कॉमनवेल्थ खेलों में स्वर्ण पदक विजेता को दी जाने वाली राशि है ?

5888. When did Lawrence Bragg die?

5889. In general career periods, the individuals who are in there end of career stage belongs to age group of

5890. Which interface does java.util.Hashtable implement?

5891. Transamination is the process where

5892. What is another name for a one-shot?

5893. Which of the following awards is given for excellence in literature?

5894. What is the result of compiling and running the following program. Select one correct answer.

5895. Coenzyme Q is involved in electron transport as

5896. C terminal end of androgen receptor is cencerned with:

5897. Which filter has a maximally flat response?

5898. A device used to avoid the relay destroying the op-amp is

5899. ग्रामपंचायत सदस्य संख्या निश्चित करण्याबाबत अधिकार कोणाला आहेत?

5900. 12 व्या पंचवार्षिक योजनेचा कालावधी कोणता आहे ?

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