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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1165

58251. Currently half of the world's population live in just six countries. Identify them from the following.

58252. बैसाखी पर्व किस समूह की फसल के पकने की खुशी में मनाया जाता है ?

58253. Lathyrism is due to consumption of -

58254. Other than being used to line the furnaces, a quality of ionic crystal structures is that they are

58255. मध्य प्रदेश के सम्बन्ध में निम्नलिखित में से कौन-सा कथन असत्य हैं ?

58256. நீர்வழி என்பது?

58257. A homogenous distributed database is which of the following?

58258. Which of the following countries has decided to use the revenue collected from newly discovered oil field to make a Special Sovereign Fund?

58259. ஒளியின் கீழ்கண்ட நிறத்தில் எது அதிக ஆற்றலை பெற்றுள்ளது?

58260. கீழ்கண்டவற்றில் எது விந்துவை சேமிக்கும் வங்கியில் விந்துவை சேமிக்க திரவமாக பயன்படுத்தப்படுகிறது?

58261. The beginning of the Constitutional Convention can be described as

58262. Start up expenses in a fermentation industry varies from

58263. કયા કલાકારને સૌપ્રથમ દાદાસાહેબ ફાળકે એવોર્ડ મળેલ ?

58264. Which function calculates your monthly mortage payment?

58265. The commonest bacterial infection in HIV disease is/are

58266. ఇండియన్ నేషనల్ కాంగ్రెస్స్ యొక్క మొదటి మహిళా ప్రెసిడెంట్ ఎవరు ?

58267. करेज ' या पुस्तकाचे लेखक कोण आहेत ?

58268. Food oxidation during cellular respiration is carried out through

58269. Which state is to the east of New Hampshire?

58270. जिल्हामध्ये कायदा व सुव्यवस्था कोण राखतो.

58271. The Constitution of India, was drafted and enacted in which language ?

58272. Dicobalt EDTA is used to treat poisoning by ?

58273. Which refractory must have controlled atmosphere (temperature and humidity) for its safe storage ?

58274. Drug induced Osteomalacia is known to be associated with the use of:

58275. Who of the following was impeached by the British Parliament?

58276. What is the main aim of Sixth Five Year Plan?

58277. Which of the following are intracellular events occurring in fibroblast during synthesis of collagen -

58278. To delete a particular column in a relation the command used is:

58279. You type Router#sh ru and receive an % ambiguous command error. Why did you receive this message?

58280. The extension and applied force are

58281. What is Custom Shows in PowerPoint?

58282. According to the Black Scholes model, the stocks with the call option pays

58283. Two numbers are in the ratio of 15:11. If their H.C.F. is 13, find the numbers

58284. If you want to improve the high-frequency response of an amplifier, which of these would you try?

58285. Ceramics can be molded into other variety of shapes at very higher temperature without affecting its

58286. The adjustment of horizontal cross hair is required particularly when the instrument is used for

58287. Thiamine deficiency is seen in all except -

58288. साखी, सबद, रमैनी आदि, प्रदेश के किस महाकवि की रचना है ?

58289.  दुसऱ्या पंचवार्षिक योजनेच्या काळात खालीलपैकी कोठे ब्रिटनच्या मदतीने पोलादाचाकारखाना उभारला गेला ?

58290. உலகிலேயே மிக அகலமான இரண்டாவது பெரிய கடற்கரை?

58291. Cost savings and additional profits will exceed the investment required. Select the best it for this statement

58292. On the works cited page, list works by each author's last name and______the title of the work.

58293. True statement about ASOM is:

58294. इंटरनेट रिसोर्सों की लोकेशन से कनेक्ट करने के लिए ब्राउजर निम्न में से किसका प्रयोग करता हैं ?

58295. നേതാജി സുഭാഷ് ചന്ദ്രബോസിന്റെ രാഷ്ട്രീയഗുരു ആരായിരുന്നു? [Nethaaji subhaashu chandrabosinte raashdreeyaguru aaraayirunnu? ]

58296. The geometric mean between -2ι and 8ι are

58297.  'दगड' हा शब्द ..........आहे.

58298. अङवान बाँध किस नदी पर है?

58299. Which deity was not worshipped by the Vedic Aryans?

58300. In the center of the blastoderm the cells are

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