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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1161

58051. Function of photovoltic cell is reverse of

58052. The third step in binomial approach of option pricing is to

58053. MCQ The Ring System of planet Saturn was discovered by

58054. கிட்டப் பார்வை குறை நீக்க பயன்படும் ஆடி எது?

58055. What does the Richter scale measure?

58056. For every 10°C rise in temperature, the rate of chemical reaction doubles. When the temperature is increased from 30 to 70°C, the rate of reaction increases __________ times.

58057. The manager who can only issue orders in their own departments

58058. The operating system is the most common type of.... Software

58059. Which Carbon atom number is not part of the ring in C6H12O6

58060. The disease that is caused by viral infection is

58061. In the real world, all factors of production are perfectly

58062. Asynchronous cadioversion is given in -

58063. Which of the following has the least value of ultimate tensile strength (UTS) ?

58064. Who wrote the article “As We May Think” that inspired Douglas Engelbart?

58065. The only Prime Minister who resigned after lossing a vote of confidence in Lok Sabha was

58066. Post ictal confusion is not a feature of -

58067. The maximum efficiency of a class B amplifier is ________ percent.

58068. The distribution co efficient is related to

58069. गोपेश्वर के त्रिशूल पर अंकित लेख (1268 ई.) में जिस शासक की विजयों का वर्णन मिलता है वह है -

58070. When an object is raised to a certain height above the ground, it possesses

58071. The examples of non durable goods are

58072. Which of the following is not a type of cheque?

58073. The total external data memory that can be interfaced to the 8051 is:

58074. 2013 में भारतीय रिजर्व बैंक ने भारत में पहला इस्लामिक बैंक कहॉं पर खोलने अनुमति दी हैं ?

58075. Which of the following could cause data to be unavailable?

58076. When was the Sack of Lawrence?

58077. All of the following nutritional assessment methods indicate inadequate nutrition ,Except:

58078. NBFM stands for:

58079. All of the following viruses are enveloped except

58080. Which of the following is wrongly matched

58081. १९२० मध्ये 'सर्व्हंटस ऑफ पिपल' सोसायटीची स्थापना लाहोरमध्ये कोणी केली ?

58082. What was the theme of the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting organized in Davos, Switzerland?

58083. Under Produce Marketing Loan Scheme, Maximum Limit of Loan Amount

58084. 1857 च्या उठावास काय कारणीभूत झाले नाही. 1) बंगालची लूट 2) कंपनीची व्यापारात मक्तेदारी 3) चरबीयुक्त काडतूसे 4) वाढती बेकारी 5) धार्मिक बंधने 6) कोणताही पर्याय योग्य नाही

58085. ई.सन १८५७ च्या उठावाची पहिली ठिणगी ............ येथील छावणीत पडली.

58086. What was the name given to the efforts to increase the production of fertilizers?

58087. Every computer has a(n) ………; many also have.

58088. कालीबंगा स्थित है?

58089. What tribe was Tecumseh from?

58090. The capacity of an accumulator is the maximum

58091. The number of competitors in the decline stage of product life cycle are

58092. True about ASHA are all except -

58093. The interview in which interviewer writes questions and answers before time is called

58094. Narsinham committee related to-

58095. Which was Nathaniel Hawthorne’s first novel?

58096. If a Chief Minister dies?

58097. The British were able to conquer India in 18th century by

58098. In China rose the flowers are [NEET 2013] ?

58099. A farmer was brought to the casuality with restlessness and agitation.Examination shows temp.103 degree F,flushed face,pupils dilated and fixed.The diagnosis is:

58100. बिहार में कुल कितने राजस्व गाँव हैं ?

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