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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1146

57301. A batsman is out for 10 runs and this decreases his average by two. If the batsman had scored 19 more runs his average would be decreased by one. Find the total runs scored by that batsman before this innings? ( ADP COMPANY)

57302. Generally, cereals are deficient in -

57303. Anastomosis of Riolan consists of:

57304. Average of first five odd multiple of 3 is

57305. A goods train runs at the speed of 72 kmph and crosses a 250 m long platform in 26 seconds. What is the length of the goods train?

57306. In a case of Dysgerminoma of ovary one of the following tumor makers is lokely to be raised.

57307. The enzyme associated with the conversion of androgen to oestrogen in the growing ovarian follicle is:

57308. Condylomata lata is seen in:

57309. Magnetic disk a medium known as

57310. 2005 मे यूपीए सरकार द्वारा गठित दूसरे प्रशानिक सुधार आयोग का अध्यक्ष कौन था ?

57311. Android' a Linux based operating system used in mobiles created by which company?

57312. If A = {4n -3n -1: n ? N} and B = {9(n-1): n ? N}, then we have

57313. Yogesh started a business investing Rs. 45000. After 3 months, Pranab joined him with a capital of Rs. 60000. After a1lother 6 months, Atul joined them with a capital of Rs. 90000. At the end of the year, they made.a profit of Rs. 20000. What would

57314. Which state is to the east of Minnesota?

57315. लार्ड विलियम बेंटिक द्वारा शुरू किये गए सामाजिक सुधार क्या थे?

57316. Richard Rahul Verma has been appointed as the new ambassador of which of the following countries to India recently?

57317. भारत के संविधान के निम्नलिखित अनुच्छेदों में से किसके अनुसार प्रत्येक राज्य की कार्यपालिका शक्ति का इस प्रकार प्रयोग किया जाएगा जिससे संघ की कार्यपालिका शक्ति के प्रयोग में कोई अड़चन न हो या उस पर कोई प्रतिकूल प्रभाव न पड़े ?

57318. உலர் பனிக்கட்டி எனப்படுவது?

57319. प्रदेश के ब्रजभाषा के महाकवि सूरदास ने किस प्रसिध्द काव्य की रचना की थी ?

57320. In mammals, one complete circuit involves blood travelling through the heart

57321. Gene for genetic disease cystic fibrosis is located on chromosome number

57322. How many times in a year, day and night are of equal duration anywhere on earth?

57323. 8 केले और 5 संतरों का उतना ही मूल्य है जितना कि 6 केले और 9 संतरों का मूल्य है, तो 2 संतरा व 3 केले के मूल्यों का अनुपात है ?

57324. பீட், ஆந்திரசைட் மற்றும் லிக்னைட் ஆகியவை எதோடு தொடர்புடையவை?

57325. When did Louis Leakey die?

57326. Where did William Bradford Shockley die?

57327. Which was the computer conceived by Babbage?

57328. The sum of three consecutive multiples of 3 is 72. What is the larget number?

57329. A perfect black body is a perfect __________ of radiation.

57330. Vedanta Alumina is a company operating in the area of

57331. भारताबाहेरील उद्योगसमूहाने भारतात गुंतवणूक केल्यास भारताच्या चलन पुरवठ्यात . . .

57332. દક્ષિણ ભારતની સૌથી વધુ લાબી નદી કઇ છે ?

57333. Spina ventosa is the name given to radiographic picture of ?

57334. When did Melvin Schwartz win Nobel Prize for Physics?

57335. A lady presented with secondary amenorrhea 6 months after having an abortion. Her FSH levels were measured as 6 mIU/ml what is the most probable diagnosis

57336. At present who is the Governor of Reserve Bank of India?

57337. If product performance exceeds customer expectations, the customer is

57338. Which of the following jobs are done by Common Language Runtime? 1.It provides core services such as memory management, thread management, and remoting. 2.It enforces strict type safety. 3.It provides Code Access Security. 4.It provides

57339. Following are gastrointestinal hormones except -

57340. Myanmar’s pro-democracy leader Suu Kyi is a ……….

57341. Who wrote Tahqiq-i-Hind?

57342. സയ്യിദ് വംശ സ്ഥാപകന്‍ [Sayyidu vamsha sthaapakan‍ ]

57343. The extra distance travelled by one of the waves compared with the other is called

57344. In a working refrigerator, the value of COP is always

57345. Following latrines are suitable for camps and temporary use EXCEPT -

57346. Which is true about rennet?

57347. जेव्हा एखादा ठराव मांडण्यात येऊन त्यावर मतदान झाले असेल तेव्हा तशाच आशयाचा प्रश्न उपस्थित करणारा कोणताही ठराव अथवा सुधारणा आधीच्या ठरावार मतदान झाल्याच्या दिनांकापासून किती कालावधीत मांंडता येणार नाही.

57348. Resolution of externally defined symbols is performed by

57349. DataInput is

57350. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

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