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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1137

56851. Tadpole shaped viruses are largely

56852. Which is correct statement regarding facial nerve palsy in temporal bone fractures ?

56853. Arachidonate has 20 carbon atoms with

56854. Gastric Lavage is contraindicated in poisoning -

56855. Which binding is inhibited by pactamycin?

56856. The role of Asp 102 and His 57 during trypsin catalysis is to

56857. Pappu,7yrs old young boy,had fracture of lateral condyle of femur.He developed malunion as the fracture was not reduced amatomically.Malunion will produce:

56858. Metals and non-metals combine to give the electronic configuration of

56859. Where is Naptha Jhakri Power Project located?

56860. Madura was the capital of the Kingdom of the

56861. 400 रूपये का 8% की दर से 3/2 वर्ष का चक्रवृध्दि ब्याज से मिश्रधन ज्ञात कीजिए ?

56862. Methylated spirits contain an estimated percentage 90%

56863. Which of the following chemical is sometime added in the process of coagulation and flocculation?

56864. Phosphate rock is a raw material for the manufacture of

56865. Half life of Technetiun is -

56866. Two or more food chains may be interlinked through

56867. What is the response time of cadmium sulfide (CdS) in photoconductive cells?

56868. When was vacuum tube invented?

56869. Which city is close to the Garden of the Gods?

56870. The main reason for production of antibiotics in fed batch reactors is

56871. जगातले पहिले हायपरसॉनिक क्षेपणास्त्र ___________ ह्या नावाने भारत विकसित करत आहे.

56872. கீழ்கண்டவற்றுள் எது ஓர் உலோகப் போலி?

56873. नुकतेच निधन झालेले एम.ओ.एच.फारूक हे कोणत्या राज्याचे राज्यपाल होते ?

56874. भारतीय राज्यघटनेत...........या भागात ग्रामपंचायतीचा उल्लेख आहे.

56875. To which group of organisms do Viruses belong?

56876. What was Gyula Gambos' official title in the Hungarian government?

56877. Wings of fire' is a book authored by -

56878. x/(x+a)(x-a) =

56879. The recommendations of the 11th Finance Commission covered the period -

56880. कंचनजंगा राष्ट्रीय उधान किस राज्य में स्थित हैं ?

56881. It is a database object to view, change, and analyze data in different ways

56882. A man walked diagonally across a square lot. Approximately, what was the percent saved by not walking along the edges?

56883. What was the focus of the Washington Conference?

56884. The English scientist Michael Faraday has discovered the element known as

56885. The chemical used for qualitative and quantitative assessment of alcohol in the expired air is -

56886. NH-71A हरियाणा के किन दो शहरों को जोडता है ?

56887. निर्मल भारत' यात्रेची सुरुवात कोठे झाली ?

56888. Who was the opponent of Babur in the First Battle of Panipat?

56889. Aniline point is the

56890. Oximes are used in poisoning with all except ?

56891. A temperature of 176°F is equal to -

56892. Who was the guru of Kabir?

56893. ભારતીય વિધાભવન દ્રારા કયું સામયિક બહાર પાડવામાં આવે છે ?

56894. The B.F Skinner proposed motivation model named as

56895. उत्तराखंड का पहला एडव्होकेट जनरल किन्हें नियुक्त किया गया?

56896. Early loss of bladder control seen in ?

56897. Keeping the pressure constant, to double the volume of a given mass of an ideal gas at 27°C, the temperature should be raised to __________ °C.

56898. Three address code invloves

56899. A chronic Alcoholic presents with abdominal pain radiating to the back that responds to analgesics.At evaluation the pancreatic duct was found to be dilated and stones were noted in the tail of pancreas.The most appropriate management is:

56900. लोकशाही पद्धतीमध्ये सर्वात महत्वाची भूमिका बजावणारा खालील घटक कोणता ?

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