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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1126

56301. In an oblique drawing, all of the following angles are commonly used for drawing the depth axis, except:

56302. The second factor in the Fama French three factor model is

56303. बालकाचे शोषण रोखण्यासाठी ______ बंदी घालण्यात आली.

56304. Which of the following is an antiapoptotic gene?

56305. Sensory Neural Deafness associated with hereditary nephritis is seen in -

56306. In hand surgery which area is called no man's land

56307. Which of the following is not an acidic refractory ?

56308. गोबी वाळवंट पार करणारी पहिली महिला कोण ?

56309. All are seen in reiter's syndrome except -

56310. The number of cranial nerves is (human being)-

56311. கண்ணின் விழித்திரையில் காணப்படும் உணர்வற்ற புள்ளி?

56312. Economic activities which emphasize harvesting or extracting materials from the ground or sea would be placed in which sector of the economy?

56313. A 25yrs lady has diarohea,confusion,high grade fever with bilateral pneumonitis.The probable diagnosis is:

56314. Clausius was the scientist who derived

56315. देशाच्या चलनाचे अवमूल्यन केव्हा अधिक यशस्वी होते ?

56316. जमिनीच्या धूप मापनामध्ये USLE ही संज्ञा कशाशी संबंधित आहे.

56317. Who has written "Two Lives"?

56318. The fragmentation occurs in

56319. Which of the following statements about Von-Hippel Lindau syndrome is true:

56320. Incisional wound on genital is seen commonly in :

56321. SICOM ची स्थापना ...........साली झाली .

56322. लॉ ऑफ लिमिटिग फॅक्टर्स किसने दिया ?

56323. The investors held commercial papers generally from

56324. ओर्स्क तथा गारनिया सोरिया लौह अयस्क क्षेत्र किस देश मे स्थित है ?

56325. இழவு காத்த கிளிபோல - உவமையால் விளக்கப்பெறும் பொருத்தமானப் பொருளைத் தேர்ந்தெடுக்க.

56326. What immediate condition was required of the Ottoman Empire in order to make peace?

56327. रिझर्व्ह बँकेकडे शेती कर्जपुरवठ्याची जबाबदारी ...........सालापासून होती .

56328. MCQ The organelles present only in plants and algae which capture energy from Sun to make carbohydrates are called

56329. All of the following statements about scrub typhus are true,Except:

56330. India's first nuclear powered submarine is

56331. Which one of the following States has passed a legislation to confiscate the property of corrupt officials and to open schools in these properties?

56332. The British molecular biologist and neuroscientist Francis Crick is co-discoverer of structure of

56333. Whose assassination was blamed on William Randolph Hearst’s yellow journalism?

56334. One lady is wearing high heels and other one is wearing flat shoes. Whose shoes are going to get stuck in the mud?

56335. सेंद्रिय खंताची गुणवत्ता ठरविणा·या प्रमाणकांमध्ये त्या सेंद्रीय खतात जलधारण क्षमता किती टक्के असावी लागते

56336. याचना राशि की अवधी कितने दिनों की होती हैं ?

56337. The treasury bills are issued to raise significant amount of funds by

56338. ............येथील खोंडमालच्या पर्वतीय प्रदेशात खोंड जमातीने इंग्रजांविरुध्द उठाव केला.

56339. १९४६ मध्ये स्थापन केलेल्या अंतरिम मंत्रीमंडळाचे प्रमुख कोण होते ?

56340. गारो, खासी, जैतीया या टेकड्या खालीलपैकी कोणाच्या समकालीन आहेत?

56341. Beri-Beri is caused by the lack of vitamin:

56342. As per the reports the Indo-Pak Trade reached at about which of the following levels during 200809? About

56343. Turbidostat is recommended when continuous fermentation needs to be carried out at

56344. Holocrine secretion occurs in

56345. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) can make multiple copies of

56346. The balance of trade is also known as

56347. Transgenic plants

56348. Soil fertility is reduced due to -

56349. Following are absolute indication for hemodialysis -

56350. In alkaptonuria there is increased pigmentation in all of the following EXCEPT:

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