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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1098

54901. कर्मवीर भाऊराव पाटील यांना 'कर्मवीर ' हे पदवी -----यांनी दिली .

54902. महाराष्ट्र गुप्तवार्ता प्रबोधिनी कोणत्या शहरात आहे ?

54903. सन 2012 च्या प्रजासत्तक दिनानिमित्त कोणाला पद्मविभूषण पुरस्काराने गौरविण्यात आले.

54904. MCQ The FM radio was invented in

54905. The total biomass of an organism will be determined by the nutrient present in the lowest concentration relative to the organism\'s requirements is a statement of

54906. Mala - N oral contraceptive pill defers from Mala - D, in terms of -

54907. असहकार आंदोलनाच्या वेळी ... हा भारताचा गव्हर्नर जनरल होता .

54908. Micrographic is the m most famous work on the discovery of cell which is given by

54909. मूलोद्योगी शिक्षणाची संकल्पना कोणी मांडली ?

54910. Shortage of water is controlled through

54911. If no force is applied to a moving object, it will stop due to

54912. मुंबई योजनेचे अध्यक्ष कोण होते ?

54913. Muscular co-ordination is controlled through

54914. Which of the following are not commonly used as sources of metals?

54915. A cylindrical reactor has a liquid volume of 100,000 litres. It has an aspect ratio the ratio of the channel height to width of 1:1. The height of the liquid in the reactor will be approximately:

54916. Traveller's diarrhea caused by -

54917. एअर फोर्स पैराट्रुपर्स ट्रेनिंग स्कूल प्रदेश के किस नगर में स्थित है ?

54918. Catalytic desulphurisation process used for sweetening of straight run gasoline and kerosene uses __________ as catalyst.

54919. Given n 1 data pairs, a unique polynomial of degree __________________ passes through 1 n data points.

54920. When the receding lines are true length, and the projectors are at 45 degrees to the plane of projection, the oblique drawing is called this:

54921. Correct statement regarding findings in JVP is

54922. प्रथम स्वाधीनता सन्ग्राम में चर्चित नाना साहब का दत्तक पुत्र था ?

54923. भारतातील कोणत्या घटकराज्याचे क्षेत्र सर्वात लहान आहे.

54924. How many Acts are in William Shakespeare’s plays?

54925. Asian Drama', by gunnar Karl Myrdal, is a book on which of the following subjects?

54926. आकस्मिकउदभवना-या खर्चासाठी अनपेक्षित खर्चनिधीतून खर्च करण्याचा अधिकार .............यांना आहे.

54927. All of the following polyps are premalignant except

54928. A neurosurgeon in parent teacher meeting saw a child with precocious puberty and uncontrollable laughing. He suggested the parent of child to get a MRI done to evaluate for the possibility of

54929. In whose reign, Hiuen Tsang, a Chinese pilgrim, visited India?

54930. Heat transfer by __________ may not necessarily require the presence of a medium.

54931. Which novel won Margaret Mitchell Pulitzer Prize in 1937?

54932. What percentage of bank deposit in India is owned by households?

54933. The type of rewards employees get in form of praise for successfully accomplishing goals or completing project is classified as

54934. 25 year old lady on treatment for rheumatoid arthritis has the following lab findings.Hemoglobin of 9 g/dl, MCV-50, ferritin-200 Ug/L, TIBC-294 Ug/dl, serum iron-30 Ug/d.What is the diagnosis ?

54935. इनमें से आग्नेय शैल कौन-सी हैं ?

54936. राष्ट्रीय कृषी धोरण-2000 नुसार 'अमृत क्रांती ' हि संज्ञा _______________ शी संबंधित आहे.

54937. What was Italy’s primary role in the war?

54938. A 55 year old female patient has carcinoma ovary with bilateral involvement with ascitic fluid in the abdomen.The stage is-

54939. Which of the following methods is used for demonstrating old washed up bloo-stains.

54940. एक दुकानदार ने 1 रू. में 12 पेन खरीदकर 20% लाभ पर बेच दी तो बताओ उसने पेन किस दर से बेची ?

54941. परतंत्र भारत का अंतिम कांग्रेस अधिवेशन (1946 ) कहां हुआ ?

54942. 12 மாணவர்களுக்கு சீருடை வழங்க ரூ.3,000 செலவாகும் எனில், ரூ.1,250 க்கு எத்தனை மாணவர்களுக்கு சீருடை வழங்கலாம்?

54943. निम्नलिखित में भारत के पहले गैर कांग्रेसी मुख्यमंत्री कौन था?

54944. Which of the following cannot be given in a lactafing mother with rheumatoid arthritis:

54945. The state which have regular arrangement and cannot change its shape is

54946. காந்தத் தன்மை மிக அதிகம் உள்ள இரும்பு எது?

54947. १९३२ च्या जातीय निवाड्यामध्ये स्त्रियांसाठी स्वतंत्र मतदारसंघाची तरतूद करण्यात आली होती याला अपवाद कोणता प्रदेश होता?

54948. Postdiarrhoeal paralytic ileus occurs in -

54949. नियंत्रक एवं महालेखा परीक्षक (कैग) के संबंध में निम्न में से कौन-से कथन सही हैं ?

54950. In what time will a train 100 meters long cross an electric pole if its speed be 144 km/hr?(INFOTECH COMPANY)

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