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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1053

52651. In a young boy, X-ray of upper end of tibia shows a lytic lesion.The least likely diagnosis is -

52652. Esterification reaction

52653. தேக்கு மரமும், சந்தன மரமும் எவ்வகை காடுகளில் அதிகம் காணப்படுகிறது?

52654. भारतातील .... नदी तांबडी नदी म्हणून ओळखली जाते\.

52655. In maple syrup urine disease there is elevation of plasma and urinary level of:

52656. Which of the following is not the synonym of the word ‘Bliss’ ?

52657. In what position did William Bradford Shockley serve in Anti-submarine Warfare Operations Research Group?

52658. Penicillin production is optimum in

52659. The Lion capital of currency notes was discovered from -

52660. The previous department costs are also called as

52661. The threshold frequency is the frequency below which -

52662. Which of the following statements about the Federalists in 1808 is most nearly true?

52663. If A = (1, 2, 3, 4). Let ~= {(1, 2), (1, 3), (4, 2)}. Then ~ is

52664. Somebody had already adopted him.

52665. Which of the following does not come under the category of \'secondary nutrient\' for plant growth?

52666. குளோனிங் முறையில் " டாலி " என்ற ஆடு உருவாக்கப்பட்ட ஆண்டு?

52667. If F1, F2 and F3 are propositional formulae such that F1 ^ F2 → F3 and F1 ^ F2→F3 are both tautologies, then which of the following is TRUE?

52668. Tripitakas are sacred books of ?

52669. வீடியோ என்ற சொல் எதிலிருந்து வந்தது?

52670. சுவாசத்திற்கு உதவும் தசைகள்?

52671. Double base smokeless gun powder contains

52672. कॉर्निया और लैंस के बीच की दूरी को क्या कहते है ?

52673. पुस्तक : कागज :; रोटी : ?

52674. Synonym of ALACRITY

52675. प्रत्येक वृक्क लगभग 1,30,00000 वृक्क नलिकाओ से मिलकर बना है, जिन्हे क्या कहते है ?

52676. Which of the following is used as a catalyst in fluidised bed catalytic cracking ?

52677. Which mughal Emperor introduced "Duaspa-Sihaspa" method in Mansabdari System?

52678. When did Herbert Ernest Bates die?

52679. This whole world is composed of small particles that are made up of

52680. Which of the following statements is true for Nigro's regimen:

52681. What is the maximum length a text field can be?

52682. Most transcripts of protein coding genes are cleaved

52683. 44 सेमी परिमाप वाले एक वर्ग और 44 सेमी परिधि वाले एक वृत में किसका क्षेत्रफल अधिक है और कितना ?

52684. The chart which represents how regularly the defect occurs in production process is classified as

52685. When TIG welding Austenitic Stainless Steel pipe, Argon gas baking is called for. This is to

52686. Vitamin K required for -

52687. By whom the 'Quit India' resolution was moved in the bombay session of the congress in the year 1942?

52688. The internal framework of bones in the body is known as

52689. A scientist who first determined the sequence of amino acids in a protein molecule was

52690. கீழ்க்கண்டவற்றுள் எந்த ஒன்று பொருத்தமாக உள்ளது?

52691. 19.5% of 524 = ?

52692. Give the most probable diagnosis of a 1 yr.old child of normal intelligence with features of hypotonia.On examination there are tongue fasciculations and he keeps his body in a frog like position

52693. Positive ions in a sea of electrons are found in

52694. Fetal lung maturation is assured by the measurement of -

52695. Thermophilic micro-organism grow well at temperature–

52696. Which histone(s) are associated with the linker DNA of a nucleosome?

52697. मक्का तथा गन्ने के तने मे सहारा देने बाली मूल तने की निचली गाँठो से निकलती है | इन्हे क्या कहते है ?

52698. How many non-overlapping channels are available with 802.11b?

52699. இந்தி, தெலுங்கு, தமிழ், குஜராத்தி, உருது ஆகிய மொழிகளை உள்நாட்டு மொழிகள் என அங்கீகரித்துள்ள நாடு?

52700. Who was the leader of the Swadeshi Movement in Madras?

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