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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1050

52501. Nitric acid is made from

52502. Determine the % Fe composition by mass of the iron alloy in which nickel replaces one-half of the iron atoms (at room temperature).

52503. A characteristic of the ASCII code is

52504. Government's "Food-for-work" programme means -

52505. निम्न मे से किस विषय से सम्बन्धित संवैधानिक संसद द्वारा पारित किए जाने के पश्चात्‌ कम से कम आधे राज्यो द्वारा अनुमोदित किया जाना चाहिए ?

52506. A child presents with seborrheic dermatitis, sinusitis and chronically draining ears. On examination child has failure to thrive with hepato-splenomegaly and exophthalmos. Probable diagnosis is

52507. Arsenic causes -

52508. Navajivan Express' runs between

52509. இந்தியாவில் பயன்படுத்தப்படும் மின்சாரத்தின் அதிர்வெண்?

52510. Intra-regional trade in South Asia has doubled since the region implemented the Agreement on SAFTA. What is the expanded form of SAFTA?

52511. Bilateral facial palsy is seen in all except -

52512. During the reign of Shershah Suri, Qazi Fazilat was __?

52513. Hypocalcemia due to calcitonin is by -

52514. Form the detailed design speciication. If the coding is done in C : C : assembler the resulting code sizes will be on the average.

52515. காற்று நகரம் என்று எதை அழைக்கிறோம்?

52516. When did Kansas become a state of USA?

52517. संवहनी पौधों में कार्क क्या है ?

52518. The kind of convenience goods that are purchased by consumers without any search effort are classified as

52519. The two form layout types will display multiple records at one time are tabular and

52520. एक निश्चित भौगोलिक क्षेत्र या स्थान मे निवास करने वाली विभिन्न समष्टियो को क्या कहते है ?

52521. Air is best heated with steam in a heat exchanger of

52522. In dependent variable cost pool, the relationship between individual cost items and cost drivers is classified as

52523. Koebner's phenomenon is characteristic of -

52524. In the inspection of a part, the following may justify rejection of some parts:

52525. According to exercise value and option price, the market value of the option will be zero when

52526. Cut off 'weight' for Indian reference man (kg) is:

52527. Baffles provided on the shell side of a shell and tube heat exchanger are meant for

52528. Which of the following is an invalid output state for an 8421 BCD counter?

52529. Model 5100 was____in 1957.

52530. உயிரியல் பூச்சிகளைப் பற்றிய படிப்பு?

52531. To which painter was Thomas Gainsborough an assistant?

52532. The full form of ALU is

52533. Which of the following is Calcivirus?

52534. 5.What is the minimum number of two-input NAND gates used to perform the function of two input OR gate?

52535. In the human disease cholera, what is it that actually ends up killing the victim?

52536. ગેર કાયદેસર મંડલી માટે ઇન્ડીયન પીનલ કોડની જોગવાઇ મુજબ ઓછામાં ઓછા કેટલા વ્યકિત હોવા જોઇએ?

52537. Find correct sequence of sentences : P: to derive their answers Q: them to rely on nothing more than the text R: from distraction and forces S: this allows students to work free

52538. A patient with fracture pelvis.is admitted in ICU after surgery.Post operatively he develops sudden dyspnea and chest pain.The likely cause is:

52539. Shock lung is characterized by:

52540. In which body of water were two U.Sdestroyers allegedly attacked by North Vietnamese forces in August 1964?

52541. What are the names of the two genders of haploid yeast cells?

52542. Functions can be declared to return a reference type. There are reasons to make such a declaration/Which of the following reasons are correct?The information being returned is a large enough object that returning a reference is more efficient than re

52543. Which country is separated from British India by the Durand Line?

52544. Saturated aceyl enzyme formation causes -

52545. With increase in annealing temperature, the following defect density decreases.

52546. Implicit factors

52547. : रिझर्व्ह बँक ऑफ इंडीयाने अलीकडेच ( सर्वप्रथम ) किती रुपयांच्या नोटा रुपयाचे नवीन चिन्ह अंकीत करून बाजारात आणल्या आहेत ?

52548. For reducing of cholesterol, the best management includes -

52549. Mass of an element in a compound can be calculated through

52550. The chlorinator used in the manufacture of DDT is made of

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