*First film makers in the history
Ans : Lumiere Brothers (Auguste Lumiere,Louis Lumiere)
*Father of Modern Cinema
Ans : David Griffith
*Father of Cartoon Cinema 
Ans : Walt Disney
*The Mecca of World Cinema
Ans : Hollywood
*The Capital of World Cinema
Ans : California (America)
*35mm film was invented in 1889 by
Ans : Edison
*The film showed inmost number of countries
Ans : Titanic(Director : James Cameroon)
*The first talkie film in the world
Ans : Jazz Singer (1927)
*The first colour film in the world 
Ans : Becky Sharp (1935)
*The first cinemascope film in the world
Ans : The Robe (1953)
*The first science film in the world
Ans : A Trip to Moon (Director: Georges Mellis) 
*The first Neo Realistic film 
Ans :  Bicycle Thieves 
*Director of the film ‘Bicycle Thieves..................
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