*Important paintings of Leonardo da vinci.
*Mona Lisa
*The Last Supper
*The Virgin of Rocks
*The Mona Lisa painting is kept now in  
Ans : Louvre Museum, Paris
*The painter who is called “Christ of the coal mines”
Ans : Vincent Van Gogh 
*Important paintings of Vincent Van Gogh
*The Starry Night
*The Potato Eaters
*The Red Vineyard
*Vincent Van Gogh Museum is in 
Ans : Amsterdam
*Co founder of Cubism 
Ans : Pablo Picasso 
*Cubism originated in 
Ans : France
*Who created Dove that became a monographic symbol of peace 
Ans : Pablo Picasso
*Picaso’s painting based on the fascist attack  on Spain 
Ans : Guernica
*Famous paintings of Pablo Picasso
*The Old Guitarist
*The Weeping Woman  
*Three Musicians
*Girl before a M..................
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