*The first country to introduce postal system
Ans : Egypt
*The first country to introduce modern postal system 
Ans : England Which is known as the first ambassador of a state 
Ans :  Postal Stamp 
*The country which has the largest Postal System in the World
Ans : India 
*The first Indian ruler who started postal system 
Ans : Alauddin Khilji 
*In India Postal service was introduced in 
Ans : 1766
*The governor general when Postal System introduced in modem India 
Ans : Robert Clive 
*The Governor General at the time of introduction of Modem Postal System in India
Ans : Dalhousie
*Modem postal system in India was started in 1854.
*First act regulated the. post office on a uniform basis 
Ans : Act of 1837
*World Postal Day is on 
Ans : 9th October 
*Indian Postal day is on 
Ans : 10..................
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