*Computer is an electronic device that receives data, process it and gives meaningful informations.
*The word ‘computer’ is originated from the Latin words ‘Computus’ and ‘computare’ Collection of facts and figures are called 
Ans : Data
*Processed data is called 
Ans : Information. 
*Information conveys a meaningful message
*A set of actions performed by the computer to convert data into information is called 
Ans : Data processing
*The word ‘data’ is originated from the Latin word ‘datum’
*The way that computers manipulate data into information is called 
Ans : Processing
*A program in execution is called
Ans : Process
*The type of test used in com-puting to check whether or not the password user is a human
(d) Black Box
Testing Arts : (c ) CAPTCHA..................
*Father of Super computer
Ans : Seymour Cray
*Super computers are used for very complex calculations. Used for the applications in aerospace, oil explorations, geology, molecular dynamics etc.
*PARAM is a series of Super computers developed by C-DAC in Pune under the leadership of Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar.
*C-DAC was setup in 1988
*First director of CDAC
Ans : Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar
*Super computer developed by ISRO in 2011 - SAGA-220
*World’s fastest super computer 
Ans : Sunway Taihulight 
*Super computer developed by India are 
Ans : KKA,PARAM,Kabru,Blue Gene
*NASA’s Altix super computer named after Kalpana chawla
Ans : KC
*First super computer 
Ans : CDC 6600
*India’s first super computer 
Ans : Param 8,000
*India’s fastest super computer 
Ans : Param Yuva II (developed by - C-DAC)
*First s..................
First in Internet
*First Malayalam newspaper started its internet edition
Ans : Deepika 
*The first Indian state which provided email facility to all of its Government offices 
Ans : Goa
*First state which started its online lottery 
Ans : Sikkim
*First state in India with all of its Panchayats computerized 
Ans : Tamilnadu
*First paperless government office in India 
Ans : IT Mission
*The first bank, started its Malayalam website 
Ans :  SBT 
*First University started its Online courses 
Ans : Andhra Pradesh
*First hospital in India which used robot to conduct an operation 
*First pollution free computerized petrol pump of India is in 
Ans : Mumbai
*First Indian political party which has created its website on internet 
Ans : Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
*First computer literate corporation i..................
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